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Liberty vs Security

Lutherzme 8 Dec 7

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Why can't we have both?


Terrorism and Government won on 9/11. Do not even fool yourself in any other way.

Thank you, I've thought the same way and people tell me that I have lost my mind


Remember the days before security at the airports? How you could walk up to the boarding areas without going though metal detectors and frisks? Total body scans now,shoes removed? Thank the radicals who want to terrorize our society.......

@Gooniesnvrdie they attacked us mainly because we meddle in their affairs

@Gooniesnvrdie I did mean our so called leaders, I should have been more specific.

Please don't fly a plane into my crapshack lol.


exactly.... there is that famous saying... You will never get security by giving up your rights.
Defend your rights!


It usually boils down to an inability in people to distinguish between free too and freedom from


"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Benjamin Franklin

I'll take Liberty, thank you very much. I can provide for much of my own safety.


Whatever happens to egalite??

It got thrown out with the bath water.. ( wait was that the baby??? ) hahah


I choose Liberty. I'll handle my own general security.

I posted my own response before scrolling down to read others.

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