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In rememberance of Pearl Harbor

CS60 7 Dec 7

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Thanks for the reminder. I have a ritual I do every year... as a flight sim enthusiast, I fire up a P-52 Mustang (a beast to fly) and tour the islands for a while, doing a touch'n go at all the air strips, inwardly mourning the grievous loss of life. ..


My dad posted about this on FB. When I was a kid he taught me the names of the 8ships that were there - they were all states. Don’t remember them all anymore.


This is the first post I have seen on this site...sad that it is fading from the news also.


If the Japanese had gotten to the main land the other nukes would have been dropped on them. Has been some time since I read up on it. I think there were a total of 9 designated to be dropped that number could be low though.

Pearl Harbor was in 41, 1st nuclear weapon wasnt test till 45

If they hadn’t surrendered they would have nuked them till there weren’t any of them left but I don’t think they would have ever invaded Japan.


I did that. Manned the rails into Pearl. Very moving. It is a very shallow port. Standing up there you can see right done to part of the Arizona.

That sounds like an awesome experience.

@CS60 it was. Honestly I didn't want to do it. But it was a great experience.

@Beowulfsfriend Hey neighbor, I just realized you’re from Gettysburg. I’m in Harrisburg

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