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What is the difference between hovering ,and actually visiting a person's profile?

WayneDalton 7 Dec 8

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38 years ago tonight.


When you put your mouse cursor over a picture, that's a hover. When you click and go to the profile, that's a visit. Hover gives you a short bio, while a visit shows you the whole thing.

I actually use my phone,have not had the hovering problem. Also,I am all in all the time☺


Thanks I had no idea either


You see more when you go to a full profile. The hover gives you a snapshot.


My Android has none of this! LOOOOVVVE MY ANDROID!


Hovering can happen when your mouse strays.


To me, nothing.
If/when I do either, it's usually always by accident.


On the desktop website view, it's possible to hover over someone's name with your mouse (e.g., in the comments) and see a brief description of that person's basic information displaying without clicking and actually visiting the profile. I found the hover alerts annoying, though, and not especially useful, so I disabled them in my account settings from showing up.


I think hovering is when you mouse pointer passes over the link to someone's profile and makes a little window popup with a profile summary. Visiting is when you click on the link and actually go to the full profile. Hovering can be done unintentionally. I get those popups all the time from just moving my mouse around.

I had to hover over your profile for clarity. When I first looked at your pic, I thought you were a buddhist monk.....the shirt looked like a robe and the shaved head see. But then I realised I'd never seen a monk with a moustache and drinking a martini. It was a case of cognitive dissonance!

@MsDemeanour No, my head is not shaved. It's just regular old male pattern baldness. And Monks drink beer.

@piphirho ok I'll put my glasses on


Hovering is checking someone out while they walk past. Visiting their profile is stalking

I know right. Your new couch is lovely by the way.

@AmiSue Yes AmiSue, you're quite right!!!

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