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Isn't it Ironic? I joined this site to date (men) and got one I am dating (thank you) but I spend most of my time on here talking to women! HAHA! It;s good! Most of my male friends are agnostic or atheist but all my female friends are Jewish or Christian so this is excellent. It's so nice to talk honestly with other women.

By Dandewine7
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Excellent reply Gwendolyn. As for the sin of pride. In my mind there is no such thing as a sin as it is a religious construct. Nothing wrong with pride so long as it is not misplaced.

Moravian Level 7 Jan 7, 2019

I think it's because in today's world women are usually better people.


Interesting. I have also connected with women here, much more than men. The search continues.

MizJ Level 6 Dec 25, 2018

I am here for conversation--the chance of actually meeting a man who meets my standards is fairly nil.

Conversely, the chances of you meeting someone else's high standards are probably pretty low, so good choice.

@MarkiusMahamius My "standards" are smart, have a job (or be self supporting), be clean and presentable, liberal, and healthy--educated is a plus. He must be local. Yes, I realize that they are absurdly high.

@Gwendolyn2018 yup, gotta be the other way around

@MarkiusMahamius Sorry, your last comment was not clear. I should have added, "And be able to aptly express himself in the written and spoken word."

You missed out modesty from your list smile001.gif

@Moravian By "modesty," do you mean covering one's self appropriately or humility? Both are learned traits. Humility/modesty are used to keep people in line; people are expected to downgrade their talents and protest that they are not special. It goes along with the sin of pride. I abandoned false modesty long ago.


Every time I try to talk to a lady here some gaggle of jerks jump on the "um actually" wagon and whine about how I'm ruining the site.

Gaggle of jerks? Your problem seems clear enough to me.

Perhaps you need Tinder or Facebook as this ‘gaggle of jerks’ are in the most part clever, articulate people who, from the sound of your comment, you could learn so much from. If you are here just for dating probably not for you as the women you interact with will be clever and articulate and generally of the same nature as the’gaggle of jerks’. I suspect you would be out of your depth very quickly and with an attitude like that no one is going to assist, just grateful that your genes are out of the gene pool.

Are you contacting the women via private messages? Why try to hit on women in forums?


The ladies around here are fabulous! That's in my experience, too. There's nothing wrong with saying so. It doesn't, as one commenter posted, mean that you are insulting men or looking for attention.

Orbit Level 7 Dec 13, 2018

The community is the 'glue" of the site. It is nice not to worry about offending someone over some irrational abstract construct.
Not sure why I joined, if I am honest. Probably a mix of dating, curiosity and community. Though living in the buckle of the bible belt seems to have a supressive effect. I am sure there are some members out there, somewhere . . .

Andy4608 Level 6 Dec 13, 2018

Just joined...hope to meet people to talk to...FL would be great but all over the world is fine!

Hi! Happy to chat from Ft. Myers Florida. Welcome!

for the short time being in Ormond Beach.


Is this place the best ...or what? And of course the people are fantastic.....mostly


Caught one, might catch another, or two, or,....

Jacar Level 7 Dec 12, 2018

Haha. Not trying.

@Dandewine . . Yeah. But it is clear you are keeping your hook in the water.

@Jacar How is that clear? Hmmm. Not insulted by your comment - just curious why you say that.

@Dandewine . . ."ot one I am dating (thank you) but I spend most of my time on here talking" Yeah you wrote "to women" but ya can't avoid the rest of us.

@Jacar Of course not! I'll talk to men, women, transpersons, animals and plants... I don't care. My statement was about how much I appreciated the women here which I was lacking in my life . These chicks are mad cool. And so are some of you guys!! I don't think we speak the same language because there is another thing you said to me in a different thread I have not yet been able to respond to.

@Dandewine . . . I understood. But you are getting attention. Never can tell what you might hook.

@Jacar Haha OK. I don't think Prince Charming is looming here so happy with what's going on for me now and not fishing. I actually don't eat seafood and allergic to shellfish.


I enjoy your online friendship.

The feeling is mutual. smile001.gif


My experience with christian women has shown them to be fake and are the biggest backstabbers. Add me to the list of those who enjoy the honest and authentic community here.

linxminx Level 7 Dec 12, 2018

My Christian sister in law is not what you described..however she is very disapproving about many things I do which makes me actually the fake one around her. I don't lie to her....but I stay quiet about a lot. My co-workers know virtually nothing about me and assume I am unorthodox jew - that works for me.

@Dandewine “an UNorthadox Jew” ? I am not familiar with that denomination!

@A2Jennifer - really? Hmm. The Unorthodox Jews are often known as the Reform Jews and it is supposedly a product of 18th and 19th century enlightenment. Most Jews before that time were all orthodox Jews but during the Holocaust almost 70% of those killed belonged to orthodox Judaism. The most fundamental difference between the Orthodox and reform Jews is a result of difference in interpretation and understanding of the Torah. This difference leads to greater divide in the two forms of Judaism . The Orthodox believe that Torah is the direct word of God and cannot be changed. It is a not only inspired by divine, as Reformists would think, but it is from God Himself. Therefore they think that it can only be understood by the Rabbis and there is no room for personal interpretation. Moreover , the correct understanding is only known to God and it is encapsulated in the “halachah,” the law (literally, “way&rdquosmile009.gif. The Reform Jews believe in development of Judaism and therefore they consider Torah to be a book about the past and they encourage interpreting it relative to modern times. Torah is indeed very important for Reform Jews however they allow for different understanding of the book given different cultures and customs. The relation of a Reformist Jew is significantly informal and personal compared to that of an orthodox Jew. In a broader sense the Reform Judaism allows for greater flexibility in religious laws that orthodox Judaism.


I’m only here for community and enjoy interacting with everyone, but there are some ladies here that I KNOW it would just be so cool to hang out with in real life. I have a lot of girlfriends in real life anyway, but because they all believe in god there are some subjects that I keep clear of. You great atheist gals are way cool!!

I have many gf in NYC but not one in FL except my sis in law. One potential at work - But I don't like to mix co-workers and friendships too much so I have pulled back a little, Oh yeah she is Xian too. I really enjoy talking with all the women here.

Yes this is a good site to discuss your lack of beliefs with other atheist. The problem is most of them seem to be left wing liberals.

@Trajan61 I have found all kinds of political views here, some are even right wing reactionaries. That is fine, we are here to have discourse with those of opposing opinions, otherwise it would just be a mutual admiration society where we all thought the same. Just because we don’t believe in god doesn’t mean that we are a homogenous group politically or philosophically. Most of my friends in the outside world are neither of my political persuasion or atheist, this has never stopped us being friends.

@Trajan61 Yeah.... I am pretty leftist and liberal myself. Not on every issue - but mostly.


Congrats. I joined to read and share dome interesting thoughts. Never expected to find the "L" word after 7 years, especially near by in this "atheist and agnostic " forsaken place.

After 7 years? Has this site been here that long or do you mean after 7 years of being single?

@Dandewine being alone. Met someone here after only a few months

@Beowulfsfriend Got it. That's great!


This is a great site. I love it, being able to talk to people who are not mentally deranged, so refreshing.

Jolanta Level 8 Dec 12, 2018

I am new here so, I haven't really talked to anyone yet. Judging by profiles, pictures, and discussions I can tell that the ladies here are fab!!!
Girl crushin'!!

We are!


I have met some interesting women here, as well. Enjoying the godless conversations!

Deb57 Level 7 Dec 11, 2018

Same here, lol! I do exactly that. smile015.gif

CaroleKay Level 8 Dec 11, 2018
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