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I'm not a shopper. But my knee-high boots self destructed last winter, and there was this sale at the little neighborhood Mall - so I got lured in.

Won't do that again ! Not that crowded in the middle of the afternoon, but damn xmas music playing everyfuckinwhere. Cashiers wishing "Merry Christmas", Salvation Army volunteers with their kettles (for $ that goes who knows where), also wishing "Merrygoddamn Christmas".

It's NOT Christmas yet ! Gr-r-r-r

The longer I was around it all, with overdecorated stores, watching people hungrily buying up stuff very few actually need - the more dismal I felt. Had to get out of there - and quick ! It's no wonder many folks get funked out at this time of year particularly. Godshit shoved down your throat. The usual assumptions made by most, that EVERYone is into this phony birthday thing. Bah ! Humbug ! Back to my cave ... ! And you ?

evergreen 8 Dec 13

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Just double your daily wine consumption.

not a drinker - so I depend on chocolate !

Ooo... I like that.

@bigpawbullets You WOULD say, your all-purpose coping method.


I have been an atheist for many years but do believe that those who have some religion whatever it may be should be allowed to just get on with it. I must say though that I find it difficult to understand .

I totally agree, I just wish they'd "keep it in their pants", so to speak. And that there wasn't this assumption made by too many, that everyone is Christian. Bah !


Oh yeah!


That was intense...


Feel better? Hope so.

Thanks for asking. Home again - my safe place !

@evergreen Chill. btw, you wook mahvelous for a 100-year-old.


I 100% agree with your sentiment. What I do when I have to go shopping is put in my Bluetooth earbuds & choose my own soundtrack. The added benefit is if someone tries to talk to me, I can pretend not to notice.


When one grows out of the Religious overreach, and it’s Christmas production, all that ‘glitter and glam,’ falls down around us like ashes! I know your feeling!


Make the Shoes worth of it!!!!

That's a lot of shoes!

@Redheadedgammy Yeah... But You Should had seen what my Ex Wife did Once she got the house in the Divorce... we had a Huge Bathroom with Separate His and Hers Vanities... she removed "His Vanity" and turned into a Walking Closet for her Shoes.... but yeah everybody that sees them say the same thing... Tired of Male Friends saying... "You got more shoes than my wife!"

@GipsyOfNewSpain hey nothing wrong with having lots of shoes. Looks like you take good care of them.

@Redheadedgammy They are My santa sledge All Year Long.


I shop almost entirely online, but don't mind the Xmas cheer or holiday music in small batches. But you had me at knee-high boots, and I'm all for shopping! Happy Holidays and good luck on your boot hunting! Lol!


Happy Solstice!


I shop early and I shop mostly online. My radio station plays less than one Christmas song an hour. I don't decorate or send cards. I shop brick and mortar stores only as needed. And pretty much I follow my routine as usual until something else comes up. This year, not much. I'm not really a scrooge, I'm just ignoring the whole show until I have to deal with it. Give me my grandbabies and I'll be that Jolly Olde Elf.

My wife buys virtually everything except food online (and she makes an exception for pet food).

Sometimes I feel like I'm working in a shipping department, I knock down so many boxes for recycling every day ...

@mordant I have been selling my excess stuff on eBay, so my basement is full of boxes waiting to be used again. And when I am done selling stuff, I too will knock down the excess boxes for recycling.


HAH! Yesterday, I had an MRI on my shoulder. The nice technician proudly told me he had "Christmas songs" for me to listen to during the process. I very FIRMLY asked for my classical music station! I had enough on my mind ... dealing with ''sleigh bells'' and ''christmas trees'' and 'angels on high'' wasn't going to relax me!


Did you get the boots?

as a matter of fact no - I couldn't bear to stay long enough to try on a bunch. Oh well ...

@AbbieNormal EXACTLY! He was surprised when I said "NO, THANKS!" Poor man probably never met an atheist before.

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