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I've never worked at Walmart, nor personally known anyone who who works or has worked there; but one hears stories about the place, and some ain't so nice. Apparently, this young man saw no future there:

CNBC: 17-year-old Walmart employee quits over store intercom: 'Nobody should work here, ever'.

By Condor58
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walmart is there for when the welfare check just ain't making ends meet.

hankster Level 9 Dec 15, 2018

All retail workers will eventually be replaced by automation as retail stores empty out to only carry about 15% of their inventory and sell all the rest online, but Wal-Mart is the worst. I'm still not well off enough to avoid shopping there at all, but I really try to avoid going in there because it's so depressing. I've never visited a prison, just seen people do it in movies and TV, but going into Wal-Mart feels like visiting people in prison as I imagine it would be as well as what I have heard it's like, people who don't want to be there, hate it, and have lost all hope in their lives.


Two of my kids worked for Hayneedle Shops, an online retailer sorta like Wayfair. Well, then they ended up working for WM becasue WM bought Hayneedle. Now one has moved to a different type of job. My kids worked customer service/telephone/IT stuff, not retail per se.


Add Sam's club to the list of crap employers! Low hours, strange shifts and little to no response from management on anything other than the bottom line!

BillF Level 7 Dec 15, 2018

Same owners.


Large organizations tend to treat people as numbers. That's the nature of the beast.


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