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Something to keep in mind:

Oh and please spend your money elsewhere.

I must have accidentally deleted the meme.

JimG 8 Dec 16

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Ahhhhh. Now I understand. 😉

My original comment stands.
I would, however, like to add, fuck Chick-fil-A.
The ONLY thing I ever liked about that place were their waffle fries.
I don't miss them.


How can Chik Fil A claim a religious position. They have cows that write messages to kill chickens. Evolutionary marvels.


Forgot already? Wow, that was quicker than usual.

Oops. The photo disappeared.


Money? Who said money? Is there money around here? Its mine, I lost my wallet last night, so it has to be my money. Come on, give it back to me!


It's my money, I'll spend it where I want.

I think the last revision will clarify everything I meant.

@JimG Ahhh, much better. I wouldn't spend my fast food money on a chicken sandwich anyway.


Right on, right on, right on.


and watch your step on the way out.


Did you forget a link here?

No. I think I actually deleted it.


Needs clarification!!!

Try it now. Sorry.

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