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Can anyone in CO advise me the better locations? I am looking to move in April and I would like to rent a decent apartment, in a safe location that is reasonably priced. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

RapidCityKelly 6 Dec 16

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I rent a two bedroom apartment in north Arvada (north metro area with a 15 to 20 minute realistic drive to downtown Denver) for $1650 utilities included per month. Very realistic in this part of town for a nice apartment.


Prices are high because once again there is an oil boom and the news of our weather got out. And it used to be a nice place to live, until all the people moved here.


@RapidCityKelly I moved to Colorado about 8 years ago. Real estate prices have doubled in that time. Loveland is very good, around 80,000 pop. with great facilities. Longmont is bigger, around 120,000. Ft. Collins is a great city, even bigger and a college town with Colorado State. Even more expensive. Windsor has around 21,000, but is expensive. Greeley is less desirable, more of a redneck, cattle town kinda like No. Platte NE. Not good. A 3 BR 2 Ba 1500 sq. ft. house with a garage will run you around $1750-1850 per month rent if you can find it [Loveland or Longmont]. Send me a Private Message if you like for more specific. I've dealt with Real Estate all my adult life.

Yes indeed stay out of Greeley. We rednecks already have enough city slickers.

@Booklover I can always tell when the wind is from the E or NE. East wind, I smell the Greeley cattle. NE wind, the Ault sheep.

@GuyKeith we have NO feedlots in Greeley.

I lived in the Federal Heights area of Denver for awhile. Kind of ghetto. It has a bad reputation, but I never had any issues.

I live in Aurora now over by Havana and Alameda. It's surrounded by bad areas, but where I live is ok for now. We'll see how that changes over time. You hear gun shots once in a great while these days.

@GuyKeith you are just being rude.

@Booklover Feedlots in Greeley Yelp lists 19 []

@GuyKeith I'd say your map proves there are no feedlots in Greeley. My sense of humor is just fine, thank you. And if you like to eat, I shouldn't complain about agricultural smells. Oh so much better than oil refinery's in Denver. Yeah I know you live in Estes where it smells if tourists. Being rude is not humor, but it certainly is your style.

@Booklover []

@GuyKeith I can't believe how much time you are spending just to prove me wrong. Just because there is a Greeley address does not mean it's in the city of Greeley.

@Booklover If you want to get acquainted, just say so. I knew they were there. The green dots are the feed lots.

@Booklover Whoops, forgot the map. Source: History of agriculture in Weld Co.


@GuyKeith why in dogs name would I want to get better acquainted with an obnoxious person like you? You win, there are thousands of cattle in Weld county because please don't forget the stinking dairies. Oh yes and the farmers dressing their fields with stinky manure to grow your food. I will be happy for people like you to stay out. Any cow I ever met is certainly more interesting than you. Your arrogant attitude is a bore including your nasty, condescending movie reviews. So there you are, you whipped a woman who loves her home town. Are you happy now? Feeling smug in all your selfrightessness? Good because that so matters to me.


It really depends on where you're wanting to go. A Front Range city, a mountain town, an eastern plains town? The rent in Denver is outrageous. But there are lots of more affordable options both north and south of Denver along the Front Range.


You can move up here to Vaughn NM only 400 people here you could get a house for around 20K depending on what you want. The chance of a terrorist attack here is about as low as it gets. There 60 of us veterans living here out of 400 people that beats the national veterans ratio by a landslide. We are 80 miles from nowhere which to me is cool. People claim there is nothing to do here, I can find tons of stuff to do.

@CoastRiderBill She wanted a better environment to live in lol.

@CoastRiderBill No kind far and few between unless you work from a computer.

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