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Anyone hating facebook even more now that [you] have found this website? []
maybe its because many of the "friends" i have on fb are people i feel i can't remove (family, old friends, work)..
i find myself leaving fb angry or disgusted and come here for interaction with people more on "my plain of existence" ..

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hippydog 8 Dec 17

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FB has become(Becoming?) Draconian in it's "Community standards" which seem to change at a whim. Many times a person who had posted something that offends,is not punished immediately,but weeks, if not months later.Do you remember what you posted last month?


I find the posts here more interesting than Facebook, and I am more likely to comment here.


I've taken the time to teach FB what I "like", avoiding and blocking negatives, while clicking like mad on positives. My wall is 90% plus humor now, and is a delight to visit.

Zster Level 8 Dec 18, 2018

Nah, just use them for different things. FB for keeping in contact with distant friends as I'm an immigrant.


I hate Facebook for the monster they created without knowing how to control it. The algorithms that give people more of what they have "liked" is the perfect weapon in the hands of a crafty ex KGB naked mole rat like Vladimir Putin. People are living in echo chambers, and literally losing touch with reality. And it has resulted in THE WORST presidency in my lifetime, and that goes all the way back to Ike (and I don't mean Turner).

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