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Fuhrer Trump Orders Cabinet to Search For Spare Change to Fund His Idiotic Wall - WTF!!!! He's Already Stripped Half These Agencies -Is He Dillusional?

sassygirl3869 9 Dec 18

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Um, well, let's see:

He had everyone in his base convinced Mexico would pay for his stupid wall.

Then he convinced them Mexico would pay for the wall through tariffs.

Later he said they would pay for it through the money we would save with the new trade agreement.

He then said all taxpayers would pay for the wall up front and Mexico would refund us through savings in border security.

Then we are advised he'll shut down the government if the Congress doesn't come up with the funds he needs for his stupid fucking wall.

Backing away somewhat from his latest, he now suggests funds could be taken from other sources in the government, sources that have already been broken and stripped by his idiotic approach to management.

So, the latest is that Congress is to find spare change in several different government agencies.

He's not just delusional. He is inept, incompetent, juvenile, narcissistic, dangerous, crooked, and demented. I just hope that those who voted for this twit have awakened to their folly and will think a bit more critically in 2020.


Yes, he is delusional. His delusion is that he is intelligent and competent. He is a demented, incompetent, evil twat!

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