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Trump and his republican Fascists are so worrried about people on food stamps/SNAP!

Yet they give the wealthy and their corporations huge tax cuts and still give them other tax cuts, hence the mass majority of large corporations pay NO TAX!

That is corporate Welfare!

These corporations were able to drive down stock prices so they could buy back their own stocks at bargain prices!

Over a $Trillion they use to buy back their stocks of our tax money stolen by these Republican Fascists!

While destroying your phony 401K retirement funds into dust!

of-the-mountain 8 Dec 20

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Had an interesting conversation yesterday where the two of us described how many ‘government programs, tax reduction incentives and outright giveaways’ various wealthy folks we’ve known have taken excessive advantage of… Programs average folks don’t have the resources to qualify for, let alone the knowledge of their existence. Yet, these wealthy greedy Republican bastards fight tirelessly to cut aid to ‘those beneath them,’ while they support their party or run for office..

It’s like every legislative bill includes a ‘balanced benefit’ for both the rich & poor -- but whenever funding is cut or ‘welfare’ is reduced - it’s the little peoples programs that are cut … as the wealthy grin on their way to the bank.. Vote Democrat ~

Varn Level 8 Dec 20, 2018

Corporate welfare costs more than all the public assistance programs combined.


I notice the cons aren't trying to defend. They stick their heads up their asses and whine that they are the ones needing more. And to get votes from the same people who suffer all they need to do is shout: snowflakes; commie socialists; godless heathens; druggies; lazy; not white (although most are); abortion; guns - which really makes no sense.


It is is like a run away train, barreling down the track with the force of 100 box cars about to force the engine into space! This monster will get his dues...but when?

You mean McConnel? Or maybe Ryan? Pence? Which monster? 😛

@bingst trump for starters, since he is the one ‘running this show!’


I think most people receiving food stamps DO work.

Think of it as funding a corporation because they don't pay their employees a living wage.

Many military families also qualify for food stamps. That is insane. How does that make any sense?

I don't even look to see if someone is using an EBT card or regular debit/credit card.

It is really none of my business. People thinking they have a right to judge what someone has in their grocery cart sicken me.

Me too! Judging, judging people before they have the full story!

You are absolutely correct. We are subsidizing profits for corporations and their shareholders while the people who do the labor don’t earn enough to EAT. It’s despicable.

A prime example of this is Walmart!!



As G. Carlin said: the corrupt ruling class are members of a very exclusive club & we'll never be in it.

Very true! I have no desire to be there anyway...I want to leave a ‘small footprint!’

I'm going to scrape and claw my way to the middle with a little luck...


I think we’re in for a big shake up as the tail end of the baby boom gets into retirement age, but has inadequate savings.

Yeah, I doubt very much if their financial situation will improve but many retirees who are now just getting by may find themselves in a downward spiral.

I’m thinking there’s going to have to be something along the line of a New Deal program to cope with climate change and the economic issues that are coming along- artificial intelligence, automation and adacances in software will reduce the need for human labor significantly.

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