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RobertMartin 8 Dec 22

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The names were probably first changed by Greek scribes translating Hebrew to Latin and in some cases Aramaic so naming would’ve been limited to the abilities of those translating.

And also 300 years had past since these men existed their names could’ve been any number of choices really. I mean Jesus could’ve actually been Hyman Schlepstein for all we really and let’s be real if go through the Bible and replace Jesus with Hyman it’s not entertaining but possibly historically accurate.

And also don’t forget the changes that were made at Nicean council as well King James being a very anti Semitic gay self.
So don’t focus on the names because like who knows what they really were and now with the conspiracy theory about how the romans created the story of Jesus to appease the lower classes who really knows if anyone was real at this point.


have you considered the source ?


Or there wasn't enough wine at a Jewish wedding.


You're not ready for that answer yet. Just have faith, and all will be know, You know sometime down the fucking road. lol

Or not



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