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Spending my first holiday alone in eleven years and not sure what I'm going to be doing. If anybody has been there, please share your experience.

aspiringunicorn 6 Dec 24

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A number of years ago I spent christmas alone and it was fucking glorious.

I love my daughter and grandkids but since I left home at 16, I have only ever lived solo for at most a year in total.

First is was nuclear family; then marriage and kids; then no marriage and kids; then significant other and kids; then single and kids, etc.

About 11 years ago, I spent nearly 9 months living all by myself, but then back with significant other along with his kid and parents; my parents for 6 months; middle kid and grandkid 6 months; 2 months alone and finally my current situation of kid and grandkids for the last 5 years.


Get on MAX and head into Portland. Roam, or ride MAX to the airport, even Gresham … just travel. And if anything looks interesting or inviting, check it out. I’m pretty sure USA (united states atheists) are no longer active 😟 But Portland’s weird, with crazy crap happening all over..

Or, listen to podcasts, binge watch some tv series, audio books, and pot’s legal.. Avoid the craziness, it’s frantic BS anyway. ..and rain. I’m now 3 thousand miles away from the River City and surrounds, but when there, prefered to spend the christian heat season alone or away. Go to the Beach ...but if the ground starts shaking, run for your life 😉

Varn Level 8 Dec 24, 2018

I had a couple of ladies say they would spend the Holiday and then they changed their minds. One found out I didnt support Trump and the other just said she wasn't feeling it. At the last minute, of course. So if there is anyone in St. Louis looking for company , let me know.


Just another day off with pay.

Be sure to get any needed food, drink and gas today, though.


Imbibe in some Sunday Iced Coffee and listen to Xmas oriented classical music (I'm sure it's all they play that day).

godef Level 7 Dec 24, 2018

If you spend other days alone, just do what you do then, maybe with a few additional treats to make it even nicer.


What do you do on any other day when you are alone? Clean the house, read a book, fix those things that you have been putting off, watch a movie,cook something delicious, it’s endless what you can do if you put your mind to it.


Watch some movies. Get some great food you don’t have to cook. And stick to that schedule. It’s one day. You can do it. I’ve done it many times.


Last year:
Took presents over to the ex's for my daughter in the morning. Opened a couple for myself. Watched Die Hard and Lethal Weapon (the Xmas classics) and heated myself a Hungry Man dinner.

I can't improve on that plan this year, as my hopes for getting laid in 2018 have dwindled beyond vanishing point. No big deal, at least now I don't have a partner where I would be thinking I should get some action on the holiday...


Go for a walk and make some yummy food 🙂


As a single woman, holidays are lonely.

For several years, I have enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with my friend's family. Her parents love me.

I bring a Pear Upside-Down Gingerbread Cake. Everyone loves it.

That looks very yummy!


Just another day

Great attitude.

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