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Am I the only one who has had the most miserable holiday ever?

Mom-goddess 6 Dec 31

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I have been working 12 hour shifts. My mother is in the hospital with an as yet undetermined infection. I'm making a nearly 200 mile round trip there a couple times a week to try to be there for her, but she has had five surgeries so far: one to remove her pacemaker which became infected and put in a temporary on; shoulder surgery to remove infected tissue, knee surgery for the same reason, another surgery to remove the temporary pacemaker, and finally one to implant a new pacemaker. She's still in the hospital indefinitely. They told her she would be home before christmas, then they said she'd be transferred closer to home last Friday.

I don't think you're the only one having a miserable holiday. Her's is pretty shitty.

JimG Level 8 Dec 31, 2018

I guess so, sorry for all that!

Thanks. It's not just you. πŸ™‚

Oh my, I do hope she’s getting better. Sorry you are having to go through this at any time of the year

@IrishTxJudy thank you. I'm not the one going through the worst though.


Commercially pushed, societal mandated holidays should not be the cause of ones misery. Don't let them pressure you into believing that holidays have to be happy or that you will be a lesser person if you don't feel the magic they push. Maybe adjusting expectations can be of help. There will be other better days to focus on. I hope your sadness passes sooner rather than later. ?


I got a broken wisdom tooth for Xmas and a stolen mountain bike for the new year. I still find reasons to smile.


I had wisdom teeth clawed out of my head at around 18.

Big ass tooth.

And ...I've also had a rough few months.

But I am making collard greens and hoppin' john for friends.

Suspicious fiends.

Find a way to GIVE.

A year and a half ago I lost my car which I had been living in, along with my possessions in it. I've spent several years living on the road and this year is going to be the first time I own a home.


No. This year really sucks. Can't wait to get back to normal.

And when is that going to happen??

@mordant right!!! Define normal.


Just like every other night, there's no shortage of human suffering tonight. My neighbor's wife died yesterday, 8 months after her diagnosis with pancreatic cancer. They were together for over 50 years. Nothing that could possibly go wrong in my life tonight could top that.




Those around you?

Sorry, but no one is responsible for how that holiday went down but you.


what has made you miserable?


Holiday? What holiday?


Life IS what you make it, if you can't find something in life or a holiday to enjoy then are YOU really trying?


I'm sure there are many people having a miserable holiday.

Too bad we cannot all get together in our areas and at least keep each other company and celebrate and talk.

@Mom-goddess I agree.


I had a good holiday, the only reason was I got to spend time with family Kid and Grand Kids . spent time on this site. to me it was another day or days, the same as when we all might be spending time around a campfire.I enjoy keeping things simple. I got food to eat a place to sleep, my dog, and family. It would be nice to have a woman to love. But no I'm not miserable. A lot of people are, some with good reasons. I hope your days will get better.


Tried not to feel miserable but I couldn't help it.


It hasn't been "any" worse than any other lonely night, sitting blue in a red state.


I am sure you are not the only one. Just look toward the good things in life.


Even though this year was far from great. I do try and be thankful anyways..


NO your alone i spent mine with x wife and a Christian wife /husband was asshole. I saw him kill 3 glasses of wine


Meh. HBO is binge playing GoT. Then I have a ticket to a 3-band-benefit in our local Democratic club Hopefully, I will have some zany anecdotes about tonight's adventures to share with you..What could be better than that? πŸ™‚


Nope. I'm with you.
Think Spring.


I gave them up long ago and have never regretted it.

Gave what up?

@Mom-goddess Pagan Rituals that are passed off as Religious. Hallmark Festivities such as Thanksgiving, 4th of July and yes my Birthday. I do remember the day I was honorably discharged from the US Army and my Graduation from College which I never attended.

@Maindawg He never when to the graduation ceremony. I didn't go to mine, either, but I regretted it later.


University of Michigan mailed my diploma to me. The graduation ceremony is optional.

When I finished my master degree, I attended the massive graduation ceremony at the University of Washington. Boring. The best part was Environmental Studies students with ferns waving atop their mortarboards.

Someone handed me a blank diploma when I crossed the stage and shook the dean's hand. With thousands of graduating students, they couldn't have kept everyone's diploma straight.

Inside was a note saying my diploma will be mailed to me.

@LiterateHiker My stepson graduated from UM last year and if his extended family hadn't strenuously insisted on vicariously sharing in his graduation accomplishment, he would have been completely content to have the diploma mailed to him. If he were 40 years older, I'd hook you two up πŸ˜‰

I have to admit, though, the other unlovely aspect of the ritual at U-M these days is that it was pretty stridently elitist and entitled; it was all clearly about filling your Rolodex with people who could get you the best jobs so your parents felt they got their money's worth from the tuition they paid out.


Mine was pretty good this year but I’ve had some that haven't been too stellar over the years. I hope things get better for you


So sorry to hear that. I hope the next one is better.

Orbit Level 7 Dec 31, 2018



Yes. It was your turn. Thanks.

Jacar Level 8 Dec 31, 2018

Yes. YOU are the ONLY one. I mean, all those people with no home, no food, no job, no education, no prospects, no friends, no internet, no television, no shoes, no medicine, no family, no love, no hope? THEY all, ALL, had a way better holiday than you.

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