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2019 Congress by religious affiliation

HippieChick58 9 Jan 3

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What is DK/Ref. ?

I am so glad you asked! I had to look it up. It is "Don't Know / Refused. You can find it here: []


Pretty depressing -- 80% of Americans believe in god and 56% believe in the god as described in the bible. The lack of critical thinking skills explains how Trump can get away with blatant lies on a consistent basis!


It must be considered that one must "profess" some religious belief to even be elected to any government position local or national and in the USA Christian is almost mandatory. That does not necessarily mean they actually believe it, they just want to be elected. It is dishonest but who says politicians can't be dishonest. Wait .. what.

But of course this is still just public perception---candidates are assuming they have to profess religious belief. I worked on the campaign for a Congressional candidate in the recent midterms. It was the VERY RED Florida district previously represented by now-governor Ron DeSantis.

I was very intrigued to observe that not one of the three Democratic candidates even mentioned a religious affiliation or referred to a local church. My candidate lost in the primary but the Democratic candidate campaigned in the general election without reference to any religious affiliation. As it turned out, her Republican opponent did not make much of an issue of his religion either, instead relying on heavily promoting his military service. He did win by quite a bit as we all expected given the demographics of this district.

Now that I think about it, I don't remember Ron DeSantis making his religion an issue in his campaign either. He pretty much ran on a campaign of being endorsed by Trump. One of his opponents in the primary brought up his religion in a VERY big way and he got buried.

@DeStijl Unless otherwise professed, it is automatically assumed that any and everyone in the USA is Christian. This IS a Christian nation don't you know. As Christian thought goes, how could anyone NOT believe in their mythical non-sense.

@jlynn37 I thought it was quite significant that religious affiliation was a complete non-issue in that Congressional race. Even in debates with questions from the audience it never came up.

@DeStijl You can believe that if you want too.

@jlynn37 It's fact. I WORKED the campaign. I developed the candidate's website, wrote a lot of his campaign material, and scripted and shot a series of videos. There was not even the slightest reference to any religious affiliation in his campaign. As part of my strategic analysis, I researched his primary opponent who became the Democratic candidate. She also never made even a subtle reference to religion in any of her campaign materials nor did the subject come up in any of the debates. I watched videos of campaign appearances and debates multiple times. Nobody ever even said "God bless...." anybody. IT'S FACT. I WAS THERE.


The actual details should be a bit encouraging.

Thank you, at least it seems we are going in the right direction.


Maybe in another 50 years or so, we will have some good Athiests/Agnostics in the Government. One can dream......


I would have been nice that at least 1 % were Athiests.


What no agnostics?


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