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Do you feel like you've been cheated? This is how it was supposed to be, not like it is now. (Non-political, I can do that)

HippieChick58 9 Jan 4

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Can you imagine negotiating 3D traffic patterns while people are using their cellphones? Can you say "nightmare"?


Yep. The Jetsons were my measuring stick.


What happened to the 3 day work week & prosperity for all?
Now I remember, the greedy, corrupt bastards which run the country stole it.


Gauging how people drive cars I'm really REALLY glad there aren't flying cars!


Cartoon theory: from Jetsons meet the Flintsones tv movie says the Jetsons live in the sky because the earth has been ravaged. The Flintstones come after the Jetsons once that society dies out and people start a new on the recovering earth this time with genetically engineered animals that work and talk, and conveniences and old time clothing like ties etc. Seems after the Jetsons visited the only way Elway's time machine worked was to go back in time.


Well its getting closer to that every day. Eventually it will be a carbon copy of the Jetsons.


I grew up in the '60s and '70s, and I thought the same way. How disappointing to see how 2019 really is.


I want my damn hoverboard!

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