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Shouldn't there be a "maybe" option for the question "are you open to meeting members for dating?" I mean, it's not a priority for me, but I'm not completely ruling it out. Neither "yes" nor "no" works for me. Anyone else, or am I alone in this?

Ms_McSteven 7 Jan 10

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Yes I pontificated but I have been outing rapist priests since 1959 my brother abused age 10 in Stuart Iowa "boys home"


I oppose the entire dating/community dichotomy here.....most of what is posted here in my 2017 to 2019 tenure is intimate discussion and beefcake.....objectification of women seems to be banned thank the alleged gawds.......we are all voyeurs of word and image....only Shaker Religion was 100% celibate which caused their own self extinction down to 2 old women last alive owning the shared churches, farms and famous furniture. ....I have coped by blocking most males so I don't further read their appeals for coitus, fellatio nor anal intercourse.....and I block most females who declare their distaste for genuine courtship as I propose.....I am not barking up anyone's tree.....I have 2 daughters 43&24....I taught them total personal sovereignty and where babies come from @ age 2 ....." daddys have seeds and mommys have eggs. ...daddys put the seeds into mommys eggs and make them grow into babies inside ONLY WHEN MOMMIES ARE GROWN UP TALL AND WHEN THE WOMEN WANT TO BE mommies. ...I am not a grandpa yet but both women are happily married successful careers and married to Feminist Atheist men.....I am here seeking my Yoko Ono who will choose me to be her John Lennon. ...that is more than a metaphor. ...that is the prescription for world peace and freedom from violent theocracy. ...all else is political global lemmings marching to the sea or ecocide


Maybe... But with saying maybe, you would fall into the same category as dating, and that tends to bring some unwanted messages, seemingly wanting to hook up. With "here for community" it tends to attract a higher quality of messages from people who actually want to get to know you better, or have something interesting to share that doesn't need to be posted in the forum. I suppose it depends on what you want.

Like you, I'm actually open to dating at some point, but it's not a high priority for me. I'd be more open to friendship, someone to chat with and attend events together. Friends first sounds good to me. (If the friend was handsome and interesting, well then things could happen naturally.) Not much chance of finding that where I live, so it's not worth going through the messages for dating with people.

Happy to keep things as they are, with 2 choices yes or no on dating.

What this all boils down to : male entitlement versus women's freedom to person has a right to intimacy. ....all else is rape. ...even gays like priests or military rapists attack sexually.....we must all negotiate companionship respecting the closest boundaries of internal organ sovereignty. heals control kills

@HomeAloneSunday You might add a line to your bio that while you're here for community, you might be open to dating people in your area, or with some other qualification. That might narrow blanket inquiries down, and attract those who were drawn to your bio simply because they like what you say in the posts and want to learn more.

That's pretty much what I did. I don't want to rule out dating, but it's not the reason I'm here. I simply love the varied conversations!


Nope. I feel the same.

I am open to dating should the opportunity present but offline friendships was my primary reason for joining.

I do not know a single non believer in my age group. I know several 30 miles away that are my parents age and a couple of kids my son's age.


Nope. You're not alone. Maybe it should ask: "Are you open to meeting members to date if someone makes your knees weak simply by saying 'hello'?" ?

(Like others, I'm open to dating but I'm not on a mission to meet/date.) 😀


I put here for community simply because I got fed up fighting off dozens of stunning women on a daily basis.....I wish lol 🙂


So choose "yes" & see the results. I changed mine back to "community only".

@HomeAloneSunday I hear 'ya!


"Depends", the option, not the underwear......


Welcome to the party! Semantically I think you should mark yes. If you're not ruling it out, you are inherently open to it. The question isn't "are you here primarily for dating?"

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