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It’s very difficult to meet anyone anymore...

Sunshine420 3 Jan 12

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Anyone can help FACEBOOK TWITTER calls to Oklahoma City TV stations EMAILS radio stations....COX CABLE SYSTEM STORE IS 200 FEET BY WHERE KITI just got loose and the public access channel is watched by cops, firefighters teachers librarians PEOPLE WHO CARE


Isn't supposed to be the cure here ?

It is, but right now it's more like wishful thinking as long as the members are so scattered around the country.

@TomMcGiverin driving to where they live is not working...I don't blame women for being gunshy with so many misogynistic boys grabbing pussy like tangerine 45 gibbon dick

@GreenAtheist Won't drive more than 55 miles one way because even if we clicked, I'm not relocating and almost nobody else is either at our age, so it's not worth the grief and frustration of breaking up later over the distance.

@TomMcGiverin I will drive anywhere to relocate neither frustrated nor griefstruck by anything EXCEPT MY MISSING CAT HERE IN OKLAHOMA


Tell me about it.....


I think that my introvert nature, time passing, life experiences and cumulative losses make it almost impossible to meet someone (for those rare romantic entanglement relationships, that is.) It's a bit paradoxical. The more in-tune with me I become, the less in-tune with others I have become. shrug

I suppose this means: It really is me, not them. 😛

I can identify with your thinking, @SeaGreenEyez. I think, when we’re younger, we’re much less developed (mentally, emotionally). So we’re more open to the “unknown” in others. Through life’s experiences and our maturation, we learn more about ourselves, what we like what we will (no longer) tolerate.
It doesn’t improve with age - unless one decides to compromise. (So that’s why online dating services help: they present us with more available options to screen.)
Hang in there. Persist!


I've not read a newspaper in a while,but the demise of the personal columns in them,and the singles newspapers,have led to the growth of the online dating sites,good and bad. There are introductory services,for a $$$ will "Set you up" with a suitable potential partner, but the $$$, drives all activities,it seems....


Too much demand for instant gratification - with little patience for "courting", the time it takes to really know someone. And then, many of us are all shut away - often by choice - in our own single lives. Less mingling, less socializing. Fewer social venues that people are willing to go to. More online time. Excess instant judgment , suspicion, fear, and categorizing .
Makes an already challenging endeavor, that much more of an uphill battle.


I can only fake my help for you to find another love who is chosen for love that is not mine


We've all got so fussy and judgmental. No one is good enough.

That does seem to be the truth. I've said that about online dating. The act of moving on to the next is a simple click away


I would say it is only difficult for me personally to meet anyone due to my rural location, but being a loner, an introvert and almost a recluse doesn't help much either.

Me too

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