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A sad day today. I woke up to read a post on Facebook that a former student of mine had passed away during the night. She had been battling breast cancer for almost 2 years. She was 26 years old. She and I never spoke of religion nor beliefs, so I don't know what hers were, but I was struck with the simple beauty of the words written of her passing that did not speak to the meaningless drivel and excuses we've all heard too often when someone tries to explain why a young person dies before their time. I thought I would share it.

With Love.
With Joy.
With Gratitude.
This morning at 2:05am our sweet Amygirl, at the age of 26, took her last breath on Mother Earth.
She has made her transition into eternal peace.
Amy passed peacefully with her family and partner by her side.

linxminx 8 Jan 14

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Simply and lovely. So sorry for the loss.


Thanks for sharing this, linx. I like the sentiment, and I'm sorry you've lost your friend and former student. Take care.


26 ... so young. heart-breaking. her poor folks 😟


It’s always the most difficult to see beautiful young people go before thier time. Her parents words were so poignant and peaceful.


This is most sad. Most sorry.
I've lost a few students before hitting their 20's. Most from car accidents then suicide. - - all girls. A fellow teacher lost a 16 year old student as a result of murder. A different teacher's boy lost his girlfriend when she was 15. Cancer. Sadly, death visits all ages.


Very nice obit.


Sorry to hear of her passing but her battle must have been a struggle. She's way too young to die but death comes to us all.

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