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How many folks enjoy rural living/prefer it to urban/suburban living?
Moved to the country eight years back (from suburbs) & my life has improved tremendously. Stress levels dropped immediately, now take pleasure in the simplest things life has to offer. Recommend it!

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Lucky57 4 Jan 17

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Each has advantages and disadvantages. There are smaller towns that can offer a middle ground. It certainly depends on the needs of the individual and their ability to do what is necessary to live in the place they choose.
I prefer a town small enough to avoid the traffic and congestion of a large urban area but big enough to offer access to some of the amenities and services offered by urban areas.

Good point Mister ArthurK


Urban. Not suburban. I would take rural one that

Good deal! Miss Great all in favor of what makes each of us contented. Lucky.


I moved to a much smaller town in a different state after retirement and have found it a mixed bag. I’m about 15 minutes from the grocery store, which isn’t bad, and I love being closer to nature and have great views and can see the stars at night. It is harder to make friends and there aren’t a lot of educated people around, and I miss that, since I worked for universities most of my life. I do find it less stressful though.

To me, the lack of stress MORE than makes up for everything else!


Grew up in a small rural town, that has now become more suburban. Currently living an area even larger and certainly not a fan. I am currently purchasing some vacant land, 35+ acres, and cannot wait to get completely off grid.

That is wonderful news for you! Congratulations & best of luck.


I was born and raised in a tiny rural town in South Dakota. Moved to Florida two months after my 18th birthday and didn't look back until 9 years later when I had my son. Now that I have two small children I can't imagine raising them in the murder capital that is Jacksonville. The safety of this tiny town and having my close family nearby is enough to keep me here but if I had my choice I would live in Florida. I hate the snow and I can't stand that the nearest Walmart is over an hour's drive away. Can't stand that the only grocery store in town closes at 2 p.m. on Sunday so if you're out of milk/craving something/forgot dinner after 2 p.m. you're fucked. That, and everyone is a god fearing, gun toting Republican. I can (and do) appreciate rural life -- I'm actually glad I grew up in it so I have a dual perspective on life that a lot of "city slickers" don't -- but I prefer to live somewhere where I can fulfill my craving for Chinese food without having to drive 80 miles to do so.

JessZ Level 3 Jan 17, 2019

For a younger person, JessZ, I think you've got a purty good outlook on things. But is living in a murder capital worth having all those little conveniences?

@Lucky57 it's not -- and that's why I'm still here (among other reasons). But if I had my choice I would like to live in a town that at least has a 24 hour Walmart and a Chinese restaurant, lol.

I feel extreme validation from reading your comment thank you!


Love it out here in the Great Aussie outback, might complain from time to time about things like the summer heatwaves, the droughts and the odd duststorm or 3, but I was born and raised here and wouldn't live in a big city for all the money in the world. Clean, fresh unpolluted air, skies so blue they can sometimes even hurt your eyes, night skies where you look up and see the oceans of stars, who could want more?

Sounds really nice!

@Lucky57 It is, it's even nicer than it sounds.


A bit of both really. Humans evolved and survived because we are social animals. Having space and exposure to nature is important for my happiness, but so is community. It's easier to choose the latter in an urban environment. I pick and choose who out of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people I interact with on a daily basis. Everyone else I can largely ignore. As a daily worker if I had a choice I think it would be live in a rural setting, commute to the city.

Wow, prometheus, you really are in the thick of things there in Oakland. Used to live in Berkeley in the 1980s myself, worked at UCSF in SF. Good for you! on your ability to ignore people you don't interact with on a serious social basis. I can't do that & got my bellyful of humanity many years back. Living rural & commuting into a SMALL city isn't so bad, but fighting traffic for 90 minutes to & from work is pure misery. Good luck.....


Just moved near where I grew up, small town MO. The people are dumb, food sucks, no services, crappy healthcare. I'll take the city any day. People come here to die, I have a lot of living to do

While your comment seems to contain some rather broad generalizations, I can see a morsel of truth to it. I guess rural living is different in different parts of the U.S.A. For me, I enjoy the simplicity of life & the lack of pretensions among the country-dwellers even though I grew up in the (very pretentious) suburbs. Thanks for writing.

@Lucky57 I find the opposite, I find the rural people pretentious, they have been told that the are the "heart and soul" of America. I disagree, there is more humanity in downtown Los Angeles. The people here are insular and arrogant in their ignorance and racism. Suffice it to say Trump won in double digits here.

@clarkatticus Wellsir, the part of Wyoming I live in, people aren't insular & arrogant; they're generally well-educated & open-minded. It's a fairly well-to-do community. Of course, there are indeed vast swaths of rural America where what you describe is the norm. Unfortunately.

@Lucky57 I can see that, wealth usually allows some sort of Independence. I should say I grew up in a small town 30 miles from where I'm at now, I don't remember it this bad. I love the city, love the diversity, the people, love the action.

@clarkatticus Sounds like you're more of an extrovert. I'm extremely introverted & got my bellyful of jumping through the hoops of the citified life. Just like being alone & communing with nature.....though it's nice to talk with folks here.

@Lucky57 fair enough Lucky, fair enough.


I didn't vote, b/c I prefer urban living to having stuff and resources available...but I can't stand people for the most part. If I had 5-10 acres, and a shop with all the tools I needed to fabricate the wood/metal stuff I needed...then yea, Amazon could probably ship me rest and I'm good.

Yup, a big part of the reason I moved out into the remote country is because I had a bellyful of people in general, I definitely consider myself a hermit now. Live 15 miles outside of Sheridan, WY & go into town every other week for supplies. I use Amazon a fair amount. Thanks for writing.

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