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‪all remember trump says in front of the world he owns the shutdown and takes sole/full responsibility! He said he is proud of it!‬

Charliesey 7 Jan 18

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He is such a fuckin' liar. Doesn't know how to tell the truth. Cares more about revenge than running the govt. What lies will he tell at 3:00 PM tomorrow?


Yes and he said "Mexico will pay for the wall".
You can't believe anything #FAKEPOTUS45 says.


I watched it too. He said that and he says alot of stuff. Most of it shmoke shcreens to confuse and dilute. They used to call nix tricky d*ck. I hope one day he will be held accountable for all he has done.


By holding America hostage Trump is showing his real art of making a deal.


Yep and no it’s everybody else’s fault because they won’t give him what he wants ?

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