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I doubt that kid will ever know what it's like to serve.

dokala 7 Jan 19

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That "kid" is old enough to know better. He's probably a privileged white upper class, catholic high school brat. He should serve ... time in a reform school. That might straighten him out. It would never happen as his parents are the ones who never instilled "right" in him and would get him a high-priced lawyer to keep him from the consequences he deserves.


Watch the video. The old man is marching into the crowd banging the drum in front of him forcing the kids to get out of the way, until he encountered a kid who wouldn't be intimidated. He could have passed by the kid on the left or on the right, but he chose to stand there banging his drum closer and closer to the kid's face trying to get the kid to move out of his way. His sole intention is to intimidate the kid and make him move out of his way.

Also, listen to the entire 3:44 video. I didn't hear a single "build that wall" from anyone there.

BD66 Level 8 Jan 20, 2019

Thank you for that perspective..

It appears the video is not capturing all that occurred. There was also a Native American march the same day with a regularly scheduled annual event to honor Native American vets at Arlington, not some troll going up to Catholic youth in maga hats while beating a drum. Oh, the video shows nothing menacing coming from the old man. []


Let's just call MAGA what it really is: Make America White Again.


Trump has made select vet hating acceptable. Even McCain suffered lies. Found myself defending him, a man I would never vote for, but who did serve honorably. As a vet, I built up a large profile of Trump's pissing on vets.


WHITE vets

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