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I had an Orchiectomy this week--

Skeezwazzle 7 Jan 19

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What's that like, dare I ask? Does your voice go up an octave? Sounds painful. Hope your recovery is swift and uncomplicated.

I wasn't prepared to not be able to poo for three whole days. It was as if I was positioned on a pike for four days. The pains has subsided to tolerable now, day 5. Get lots of air to the curled mangle-
I'm doing well-


Hoping your recovery is swift and carefree. ?

Thank you, hon.


One of these years my daughter's partner is getting the surgery. Hope she will be as satisfied with her's as you appear to be with your.

I'm glad it went well.

I am quite a bit happier since I started-- better all the time. Estrogen is good to me.


Wow, congratulations! Big step. Wishing you all the best!

Carin Level 8 Jan 20, 2019

Thank you-


You live about an hour and a half from me, where did you have the procedure done?

Memorial Medical Ctr, Las Cruces-

I'm an hour and a half the other side- 🙂
Up I-25, Marker 79.

@Skeezwazzle PM me we can exchange numbers! I live about an hour away from Las Cruces NM, I wouldn't mind driving there to help you out! I know that it's too late but for the future! Do you live in T or C or further North of there?

@Skeezwazzle I checked your location, I can plan a trip to you if you need help!

@MichelleGar1 couldn't we all do better with "help"?
I would be happy to host you, Michelle--
Bring your comfies!


Good on you! I know the transition can be painful. I'm sorry you didn't have any helpers, that kinda blows. Rest well, take it easy, and hopefully you'll be feeling much better soon.

Thank you- ?


There'll be no shittin' for three days, as it's as though you're on a pike-

With nothing taken for pain.

No actual support to the hospital and back--solo.
No one to discuss it with-
I made it!

@Skeezwazzle Sorry to hear that you had to go through this alone!

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