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BREXIT. What the hell was that all about. Lots of hot air and voting and nothing has changed

Moravian 8 Jan 29

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Thank you. John Samson, for this:

Right. Let’s assume we are new members wanting to join

Here’s the deal.

You have to pay us 10bn membership fees. To have free trade with us you have to charge your citizens a tarrif on all non EU goods which we will set to protect our farmers. We get that money of course. That’s about 4bn a year.

We will give some of that money to your farmers to pay them not to farm. That way you are food reliant on us. And the subsidies go to the rich landowners hahahaha

We will fish in your waters at will and limit what you can catch yourself. And then sell you your own fish ?

You will prioritise our citizens if they want to job seek in uk. In fact regardless of ability they can turn up at will and get Job seekers allowance and child benefits for their kids even if they don’t bring them to uk

You can in theory come and work in our country but unless you can learn 27 other languages we won’t make it easy for you. We all speak English lol ?

Laws. Don’t worry we’ve got loads you will have to adopt, and we have a court that will be senior to yours.

Oh and one last thing, we will sell you more than you can sell to us and own all your world trade relationships.

How does that sound?


Those in power never make it easy when the people strip them of their power.


Ok lets be honest and factual about this (because the vote wasn't)

  1. We were fed lies. Some of us saw through those lies, for some it confirmed their bias (uh hum racists)
  2. The vote was very close so virtually 50% of us recognised what a disaster this will be.
  3. It was not the will of the people when what they voted for was bollocks (Like Mexicans paying for the wall, £350 mill would magically be paid to the NHS, a year).
  4. We are European. My in-laws live in Cyprus, I know people who live in France and commute to London for work. Our lives are so intricately interlinked it will take us generations to separate from.
  5. What we had before was not good. We still owed USA war debts, we had rising unemployment, hugely underfunded public services, civil unrest, bombed out housing stock and a dying (deliberately killed...spit Thatcher) manufacturing base. Worker's rights were abysmal and we still had a few noble families making legal decisions for the rest of us.
  6. People did not want Turkish people in the EU (It was never on the cards because their human rights record is awful), because they are racist. They are stupid because once the Eastern EU people go we will have to get workers from other parts of the world.
  7. We are stronger and more peaceful together. Even NI (up until a few weeks ago) has seen 20 years of peace. With an agreement gone there is no reason for that peace to continue.
  8. Every single academic, economist, political analyst believes this is bloody awful idea. I'd go back to USA but I think you guys have it worse.

I think I get it now. The only change is that May is to go back to Europe to try to negotiate the "Irish backstop"

We now need three referenda. Another on membership of the EU. Another on Scottish independence and one on Irish reunification, but none of them are likely to happen.

@Moravian I think the the voices of the Irish Loyalists in NI are way way too entrenched. Even a discussion of it is likely to errupt into violence.

@Amisja just looking for an excuse I think


It's how British politicians work to sabotage the referendum decision. They can't allow ordinary people to make important decisions like that.

Too true. The Brexit referendum was like letting the British vote for the name of a ship - Boatymcboatface. Some things are just way about the thinking level of the public

@Sofabeast Somewhat disingenuous. With Brexit, people were voting on their own future. They were not participating in a silly publicity stunt.
It is true, IMHO, that people often vote against what I consider to be their best interests, Nevertheless, I find elitism to be ugly and disgusting.

Cameron called the referendum to try to quieten the eurosceptics in his party' He never expected it to be a "leave" vote. The prejudices of people were fuelled by misinformation and outright lies. Sadly the rise of nationalism or populism as it is now being called is apparent throughout the world. The "people" are not fit to make such important decisions on their future and judging by the farce that is Westminster neither are their elected representatives.

@PBuck0145 Not everybody, there were a surprisingly large amount who voted Brexit because they though it would be a laugh. Unfortunately the figures also demonstrate that poorer educated and elderly voted more consistently with Brexit, while more highly educated and younger voted to remain. The EU is beyond the understanding of ordinary people to make a truly informed choice about. In this field, I'm a student studying the subject and thus, a 'professional' and it's a lot of intense learning, and yet I've still got almost three years left on the matter! So how can the classic everyman/woman with work, children, family and so on be expected to gain the in-depth knowledge to make a choice.

@Sofabeast Perhaps any form of government that is beyond the knowledge of the common person is by its nature a bad thing. These common people are the new 'deplorables' who must not be allowed a say in political affairs.

@Moravian Britain's initial entry into the EEC was achieved by deceit and fraud.

@PBuck0145 Could you expand on that comment ?

@PBuck0145, @Sofabeast Well, I am one of the elderly and I voted remain. I realise that the EU is far from perfect but it is better than the alternative. I really do not know what motivates the likes of Farage but he feeds in to the fears and prejudices of not particularly well informed people.
Being one of the wealthier countries in Europe of course there is a net cost to the UK but there are lots of benefits as well.

I travelled round Ireland in 1968 and the difference from the UK was very marked. It was almost a third world country. Now it is one of the wealthier countries in Europe and that is because of EU membership. Surely it is worth the loss of some minor decision making

@Moravian Just prior to the banking crisis, we travelled around Eire and what a change for the better. Very pro EU and making the most of it. After the crash, everything appeared come to a halt, but they are fighting their way back. Now they are from what I saw last summer preparing to make a killing off the UKs Brexit. Where I live, many of the boats are now landing catches to Dublin rather than Peterhead. Processing is moving too, and the diesel is cheaper. I hope we can come back in after being out for a while

@Sofabeast The Irish economy is definitely on a roll again. The soul of the country is gone but that's not measured. Only economic growth matters. Nonetheless, we better not try to stick the knife in too deep into Britain if Brexit actually happens. We need a long-term good relationship with our neighbour for many reasons.

@Moravian These gentlemen are more knowledgeable on the subject.

@PBuck0145 Scaremongering nonsense. I am not a great fan of Peter Hitchens.I preferred his brother Christopher. The second guy is your typical little Englander and the third was rabbiting on about undermining our constitution when I lost interest. Britain does not have a written constitution.

With the absolute mayhem occurring at the moment how anyone can say that leaving is a good thing is unbelievable. It is now quite possible that we will leave with no deal which will set the country back 10 years or more. "Less influence than an American City in the USA" What a load of rubbish.

Like Trump in America with his Make America Great Again nonsense ,Johnson.Davis,Rees-Mogg,Gove and their ilk are in the same deluded mould. Defence secretary Williamson is on record as saying that after Brexit The UK will be a power in the world again and can assert herself. Sure if the USA lets us.

People like that worry me.

It should be clear by now that people were brought into the E.U. in a dishonest manner. Nobody envisaged such destruction of national identity and powers of self-determination. We saw the deception in the UK in the video. Ireland's entry further into the E.U. was through referenda that would continue until we got the answer correct. The E.E.C. was a wonderful phase in the process that was a good balance between economics, power and national identity. But that was only a phase and the true nature of the E.U. is only being revealed in a gradual way. Macron got frightened that the game was up in France and tried to kick-start the reality of a European army in his panic. I dread the end game these elites are playing and hope that the withdrawal of the UK is the beginning of the end of this monster.


Do you expect things to suddenly change overnight. Sweetie, this is Govmint!


Every single fucking facet as been a hotch-potch from start to finish. It's an embarrassment

I couldn't agree more

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