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Catholic Church in Texas Names Nearly 300 Priests Accused of Sex Abuse [] THEY ARE STILL AT IT!

Charliesey 7 Jan 31

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Well, that's just religion for you. Religious people rely on prayer and ritual to get themselves "saved", and then do whatever dirty deeds they want.

It’s a sick cult.


How long before the UN demands the intervention of The International Court of Justice against the catholic church for decades of conspiracy, aiding and abetting criminals, and corporate manslaughter.
Sure enough is enough, this is no longer a matter of speculation, rumour or "the odd bad apple" this is internal organised crime.

There are many in the UN that are crooked. If they open the can of worms it won’t be good for them.

@Charliesey sadly so very true


ONLY 300, somebody somewhere must be 'fiddling' the books as well as the children.


If any organization had so many accusations of child abuse as the churches have, they will be considered crime syndicates, closed and hunted.


Pervs tend to gravitate towards the priesthood because it’s a way to get close to kids and hide behind the profession at the same time. The Catholic Church needs to do a lot better job of weeding out these sleaze bags from its ranks.


If Jeebus didn't want them to bugger little boys he wouldn't have made them priests.


That's their vocation.

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