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The REAL football!

By SleeplessInTexas8
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Just beautiful! ?

@Marcel3405 ?


Prefer Soccer otherwise known as football in the UK where the funny shaped ball are left to the rugby players. Have tried watching American Football but can’t get into it


Fawkn A riot !


your right but i don't like either one bit. the only sport i like is UFC


Any major televised sport is trash. A bunch of overpaid clowns.

Seajay88 Level 4 Feb 4, 2019



I like American football, been watching it for decades now. I must say though, I really enjoy soccer/football much more as it is much faster and a lot more entertaining.


And the ticket prices were a lot more reasonable.

I went to the CONCAFA when it was up here. I waited for the prices to drop (Americans still haven't come fully around, as in the initial prices were high, but not enough tickets sold). I had great seats with my sons in Phila (300$ each seats for 16$ each) watching Chile play Panama. Pretty sure the group of Chile fans nearby paid full price, etc.


And the fans themselves are way more interesting.

bleurowz Level 8 Feb 4, 2019

I’m getting excited for FC Cincinnati’s first MLS game next month!


Any Fútbol/ Fußball fans here? I love both sports equally.

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