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"We are all assigned a gender at birth. Sometimes that assignment doesn't match our inner truth, and there needs to be a new place -- a place for self-identification. I was not born a boy, I was assigned boy at birth. Understanding the difference between the two is crucial to our culture and society moving forward in in the way we treat - and talk about - transgender individuals ... In today's globally connected and ever-diversifying world, culture is now more fluid and more flexible than ever -- and so too should be our understanding and perception of gender.​"

TED Talk

RavenCT 9 Feb 5

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I'm beginning to think all of us are gender-fluid. Some need to change their sex, others need to express their "birth assigned" sex periodically, others still find they are content in their society-pushed "birth assigned" sex. Why does it seem that more males than females are seeking gender correction? It has to do with society's acceptance of our sexuality. It has been much more acceptable for females to take on traditional male clothes, mannerisms, and jobs. Males, on the other hand, are ostracized. We should all have freedom to be who we are. ?


We all need to evolve into a society that accepts all people for who they are. We are all different in some way. Without embracing our own individual identities we suffer. It limits our life experience. It can lead to disease. It is serious. Being a person who accepts others without negativity enables one to accept themselves and establish ones deep and true identity and truly live. So we pay a price for prejudice. Accepting all on their own terms makes us so free of unnecessary burdens. It's a joyous way to live.

Well said.


We are not assigned a gender at birth. We are biologically born with a gender. The vast majority of people are comfortable with their biological gender. A feware not. Those are the facts. While I do not condemn transgernder people, I do not understand it at all.

I know what you are saying, but not even what you are saying is true.

Hey if you don't deliberately "misgender" people you are ahead of the game.
And I don't know if you have to understand a person's story to be tolerant of what they tell you.

For instance "Furries" confuse me a little? But they don't hurt me - so I'm cool with them. There is no reason not to be. How they chose to live their lives - doesn't effect me. (And one of my closest friends works with a fella who is a fox on the weekends). I gave her a stuffed toy fox I had in my collectibles to put on his desk - because she said he'd just love it. Why not right?

The way I understand it, gender is a social label and sex is a biological label. Gender is a continuum from feminine to masculine with a lot of variation to what those terms may mean. Not a binary of male and female. That is why many people want to be referred to with gender neutral terms such as they, them...instead of he, her.

Not all people are born with one gender. We appear all along the spectrum from female at one end and male at the other. Humans are not simple.


So I was thinking about something... With that gender spectrum... I mean the theory of evolution states that all of life came from one living being.
However millions of mutations have created millions of different species that are different from one another.
I do believe(keyword believe) that the binomial gender is imposed by society and that there can be people with different orientations. However these people usually go through sex change and even go as far as genetically create babies... Which would essentially pass on the same attributes that the parent has.
We now have communities that identify as different genders regardless of their genitalia... But my question is they won't be able to reproduce unless they consummate with that genitalia's counter part thereby they wouldn't procreate unless they have a "carrier". Using the theory of evolution wouldn't the gay gene die off with those who do not procreate?

They are beginning to think that these changes to the brain may occur in the fetus during gestation which means there will always be more LGBT folk born - whether they find ways to procreate or not.

And of course Trans Folk could choose to freeze eggs or sperm before transitioning and have children that way. Just like folks with certain Cancers do before treatment robs them of the chance to have kids.

But it doesn't follow that only LGBT folks are the ones producing LGBT kids - because there are far too many kids terrified of coming out to Heterosexual parents for that to be the case.

(ie. prenatal androgen exposure or sensitivity, or lack thereof, is an often cited mechanism to explain observed brain-structure difference) etc...

@RavenCT I appreciate your citations very very much... But I would appreciate it even more if you cited the actuaL research rather than the Wikipedia citation. But I will read and get back to you

How did all life come from one living being?

@DenoPenno learn about the theory of evolution

@Yourdaddy22 Where did the first germ come from? Maybe that same one living being.

@Yourdaddy22 Sorry I missed this! I try not to bury people in the literature because I never know how much they already know so I start with the more general. It's where I started with a Human Sexuality class that - would you believe - had a Lab? 😉 - Ok we paid for a Lab so real people from all over the human spectrum could come in and lecture us. And answer questions. It was a fantastic experience I never forgot. And taught me to be a ton more tolerant.

If you didn't find what you are looking for I'll find you a journal article - just let me know?


I would love for you to watch this video.And get back to me

@RavenCT @RavenCT I love science and the scientific method. I think the theory of evolution is one of the greatest discoveries that Homo sapien sapiens have stumbled upon. For those who don't know it basically states that all of life came from one single cell organism. I also think that the gender spectrum can be a real thing because of how broad and complex life has become. Nevertheless there have been various living organisms that have come about but due to natural selection they have become extinct. To me the only natural our species can reproduce is with man and woman only(I mean the other genders can reproduce but again only with their opposite genitalia...assuming that their not disgusted by it lol). Genetically engineering babies and insemination are just a way to make more people that want to get sex change operations.

@Yourdaddy22 Not necessarily. They need to know more about what is being researched now. If it has to do with stress during pregnancy -artificial wombs would reset the population to CIS gendered.
But I doubt even artificial wombs will be stress free.

And frankly there being a rainbow really intrigues me.
There's too much homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom for it not to serve a purpose.

the theory of evolution does NOT state that: "all of life came from one living being". please consult with an evolutionary biologist to get your facts straight. what you are referring to is(loosely) the first instance of a Prokaryote DNA exchange with bacteria. also, by definition an emergent property of evolution is genetic diversity, without it the species won't sustain

@scioequu Thanks I can't do the science as well as some others. I only did one semester of Bio in college. Though I rocked Human Sexuality. 😉


The assigned gender at birth describes the sexual organs. Most of the time the sexual organs are reflective of the chromosomal sex and most of the time this is correlated to the gender of the brain. Transgender people born with a different gender of the brain than genitals are in the minority. It is good that we identify them as soon as they identify themselves but we can't do that at birth, so until then, the gender assigned based on genitals will have to do, to help identify the child and serve it's health needs.


Outside of the biological gender my view on gender is that all of this is really about how we as a community want to view gender as a benchmark for expectation. For example woman are this, men are this and variation is to be discouraged if not outright rejected. I think the gender identity question and the ability for men and woman to adapt as they see fit their own gender norm is wonderful. I am a strong supporter of the idea that many norms are simply shortcuts to thinking. Especially for men who want to cling to 50's gender roles. Considering the role of religion in gender norms especially in relation to the dominance of straight men I would think Atheists would support the idea of transgender having as much relevance as cisgender. I think focusing on an individuals mental health and supporting the gender identification that most matches what supports that and by extension their physical health is a huge step towards a more fair and just society.

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That is incredibly well said! ❤

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