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I am at 7.9 working my way towards level 8. BUT I do not want anyone to do anything out of the ordinary. I will just slowly stroll my way to the level 8 and when it arrives it arrives.

creative51 8 Feb 5

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Have a tiny boost....

Orbit Level 7 Feb 5, 2019

With a little help from my friends, Thank you.


It will still be there when you get there! Smell the roses and ignore the dung!

Thank you kindly.


Is there a club?
I'm in the exact same boat!

Grab a paddle!

@creative51 Damn now my nipples are erect... well maybe it's just cold here.

@Mortal Yeah, I hope its the cold ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Here's my donation...

Your kindness is only exceeded by your beauty!

@creative51 haha.. You'll forget me when you're eight... ?

@Cutiebeauty Not a chance!


And yet, here you are, announcing it to everyone ๐Ÿ˜›.

Here's my contribution to your quest.

Ahh, you are so kind and generous!

@creative51 No, you need to give that back!


I'm doing some strolling myself, but I'll get there.

You can also hop,skip and jump on your journey!

@creative51 These days a steady stroll is best. Lol.


Hereโ€™s my contribution to the voyage!

Thank you @Green_eyes


What are these numbers you speak of?

I got a lot of numbers to still move up, so I did not mention a specific one.

@creative51 I'm glad you can still see in specifics.


I'm right behind you at 7.8 and I agree!

A fellow traveler, I see.


Won't get any help from me. You just keep on strollin'. ๐Ÿ˜›

What I expected from you,LOL.


Here is my help in that regard! Best of luck!

Well, I just turned 7.9 so actually it still a bit off , but thank you.


I don't know who that is behind the mask, but I think you're hiding something. Not sure I believe you.

Damn, you busted me.


I am almost 6. I feel your pain

No pain, just strolling through the levels.

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