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My father died believing the catholic bible which we know is full of errors and evil. If there is indeed life after death then what do you think happened to him? Is he in deep shit now because his reference to the afterlife is wrong? There are billions of dead humans in deep shit if there is indeed an afterlife ?

Russel51 4 Feb 6

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Up until recently, Catholics were discouraged from reading the bable... what is this "catholic bible" you mention?

The same old book full of errors and evils, where the different writer origins are just a guess, translated and changed to the particular sect’s teachings... etc. You know, the book the catholics must read to go to heaven but NEVER do. And you’re right, the in the old days discouraged the reading of the bible by non-priests so much that they burned alive those that do.


Pointless speculation...unless you actually do believe there is a god. I just tragically lost my son and I have no such troubling nonsense in my head, thankfully, as it is hard enough coping wirh the idea that he is gone. I am just thankful for the nearly 42 years I had him here with me and when I scattter his ashes I will be returning him to nature, to nourish and renew the earth.

I categorize a being like a god in the same category as extradimensional beings, an alien computer, a flying spaghetti monster... etc. and all of them have no proof so I don’t believe in any. I’m just trying to emphasize how religion negatively affected my now dead father too: his religion led him to believe that you cannot attain wealth without doing evil. It affected his relation to people including his family. Sorry for the loss of your son. There is no exception: everyone will experience the death of a loved one.


There isn't, so pointless theological speculation is just mental masturbation


Ashes to ashes....dust to dust....

he's nowhere......he has ceased to exist.


sorry about your dad but this is a question that depends on accepting a fantasy. it's like asking "if my father was a bird and flew away, where do you think he flew?" he was NOT a bird and did NOT fly away, so the question can't be answered. there is no life after death except the natural recycling of basic materials -- no afterlife, no heaven, no hell, no god, no reward or punishment for dead humans who believed crazy things, none for humans who didn't have those beliefs either.


You’re right, it cannot be answered because there is no such thing as spiritual or afterlife data. One thing is sure though, religion is full of errors and evil. I’m just pointing out the wastage of human life brought about by religion. ?

@Russel51 there is human life wasted because of religion but i don't understand how your post about the afterlife is an example of it. it's fantasy, but how does it waste human life? the dead people will still be dead regardless of what any of us might believe. believing in an afterlife isn't the same as shooting up a school or going on a crusade.



I don't know, but I saw the article on BBC this morning. Apparently the Pope is now letting us know that his Priests are holding nuns as sex slaves. []

Nothing new, popes have been known to indulge in orgies, political usury, war ... etc. the so-called representative of god has not solved a major political, crime, health, social problem yet asks for money from believers and does not even pay tax. The priests are no better: pedophiles, church money embezzlement... etc. ?


He’s in the same place all the rest of us will eventually end up in as there is no afterlife.


Well nothing except that, just as everyone else who has died or will die, the body ceases to operate then the bacteria, both within us and on the outside of us, begin a stage of rapidly accelerating growth and within hours or days, depending upon the conditions in which the body is left, they begin to consume the internal organs, etc. Eventually, unless one is cremated that is, the organs and flesh are rotted away or eaten by bacteria, etc, and after many years all that remains are the skeletal structures.
I've seen many patients die as a nurse, was by my daughter's bedside when she passed away and to the best of my knowledge I have never once seen anything remotely resembling a Human Soul or Spirit depart after death.
Sorry to be so blunt, my friend, but, sadly, those are the facts of death.

I do not believe in any spiritual afterlife as well but indulge me in my science fiction fantasy for a minute: aliens or advanced beings who created humans and live in a dimension where dead humans go decide which dead humans they can revive. My father has no special skills that would make him standout and the beings are angry at him for believing the evils and errors of religion for one. My story has more credibility than religion. Religion has been found out to be false but my story is still left to a guess. I also believe that when humans are already galaxy travelling beings our science let’s say in archeology will be so advanced that we will be able to relive and revive the past including former humans. Humans may be organic now but can take on another form in the future. For the immediate moment a digital form seems to be the path. This is why I always check science developments. It gives me hope. Sorry for your daughter.


the question of "what if you are wrong"
There can be many answers, all different religions give a different one.
Christianism for example says that if you do not have the knowledge of the gospel, then you will be judged according to your actions.
Other religions use karmic principle. greeks tought about the dark place with a few heroes going to elysium. Nordics are judged according to their valor in battle, going to the boring hell or exciting valhala.
We can discuss ad eternum those possibilities but in the end they are all made up and if there is a divinity or an after life, there is no way to know what will happen.
One thing is certain. Most of Christians according to their own rule book will go to hell.

Not most Christians but all christians will go to hell according to their bible/book. According to their book you have to abandon all your riches and all human relations as in the parable of the rich man. People can abandon property but no human can deny other humans even until the point of death. So all who believe jesus will go to hell. Simply put, jesus has made going to heaven an impossibility. ?


There is no ‘afterlife,’ and he is perfectly all right, recycled back in the universal energy, from hence he came.

I trust humans through science can revive dead humans (but not in a gory way). To me humans are like books that when dead are like books put in a shelf that will be ready one day to be read again. Famous people like Einstein continue to live with us through books, movies, AI, etc. -these are different forms of energy already. I do not underestimate the power of the human will to solve the most daunting problems like death and reincarnation through science. I do not believe in spiritual afterlife because no data exists of it.

@Russel51 ...have you seen books infested with paper mites or termites? They become dust! My mind just wondered books have DNA?

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