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Just had a weird conversation with a co-worker. He said atheism is a religion. I said the same way as OFF is a TV channel or abstinence is a sex position - I said so with your logic you had premarital sex since you abstained... he said I was not logical !

AlexRam 7 Feb 6

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Atheism can be a religion too, ya


Atheism is often underlain by a zealous, religious-like faith in the tenets of materialism and scientism. While technically not a religion, that kind of atheism might as well be thrown in with the fundamentalist religions for practical purposes.

On the other hand, there are open-minded people who call themselves atheists who are as deeply aware and and appreciative of the dramatic mystery of reality as any truly religious person.

Well put imo


it depends.
Strong atheism (gnostic atheism) is a belief, a very well reasonable belief based n lack of evidence.
Weak atheism (agnostic atheism) is a refuse of belief given that there is no evidence of dinvinities and the non existance can't be proved. And it does not mean to be in doubt, means just refuse to make a statement that can be 100% real.
For all practical purposes they are the same as an agnostic until shown some prof will go down with life as there is no god (because even if it is there is no way to know who it is anyway).

So if you are really picky with definitions, Strong atheism IS a belief system, but not even close to become a religion.
Antitheism can be a very strong ideology analog to a religion as they as all religions try to achieve control over the belief system

@BeerAndWine I know and I agree. If you take the definitive proof for everything you won't even trust science.
That's why for all practical purposes agnostic and atheist will take the same kind of decisions.
Agnostic is just the recognition that sums questions can't be answered because they are not answerable, and for this reason the answer don't really matter.


@AlexRam Tell him Atheism is broken down thusly: "A" meaning none, "theism" meaning god or religion. Hence by simple definition Atheism simply means no belief, not a substitute belief.


Atheism is not a religion, but for some it can become an ideology

In my opinion there are basically three types of atheists:

  • people who just do not believe in God (but who do not hate or despise religion as such) ;
  • people for whom atheism is a (post-)modern ersatz religion, like vegetarianism, which is for some much more than just not-eating-meat (atheism as a lifestyle)
  • people who think that believing in God is a dangerous mental disorder and who campaign or fight to eradicate this disease (= activist atheists)

LMAO!!! I love these.


I think I would have had to ask him how he decided it was a religion. Atheists don't hold services to worship a supreme being. We don't have schools to teach Atheism to our youth. Our buildings are not tax havens. We don't pay a leader and her/his staff to preach to us or at us. Atheists don't advertise that we're a bunch of friendly people that you'd like to spend time with. We don't go door to door trying to win converts. We don't visit the airports handing out leaflets. Atheism as far as I can tell sucks at being a religion.

Maybe handing out leaflets at airports isn’t a bad idea.


That is a religious talking point.


That’s just a lack of knowledge. I forgive people of they honestly don’t know but when they have a phone that has access to google I get a bit irritated. Perfect example of willfully ignorant people.
Those were good comparison btw ?


Atheism describes what my religious beliefs are. I have no problem with it being called a religion. I wish it was considered a religion so it would have the same legal protections. I consider my moral beliefs to be just as relevant as those of religious people.

MsAl Level 7 Feb 6, 2019

They don't get to tell me what I am


I am an anti-theist in the mold of Franklin, Jefferson,... Bertrand Russell, ... Dawkins, ...

Yet, many current reasonable anti-theists like Dawkins, and Tyson, and, many others, are disavowing the current group of "insane atheists."

These people antifa-fascists, at best. No reason. Just intolerance, at all costs.

Too many of these people are living at the left-pole, from which all directions are alt-white.

We need the militant, confrontational, but the extreme militants that are out of control. And just like the SJWs are claiming to be liberals, these non-thinkers are claiming to be just non-believers.

Well, don't get me started.

Jacar Level 8 Feb 6, 2019

Too late!

@brentan Thank you for that. Too bad we are so far apart as to share alcohol.

@Jacar Yes indeed. We could spend hours talking about Jordan Peterson for starters!


It's wishful thinking. Religion is about belief in god.


He is entitled to his own view, but it may still be incorrect.


Ask him what/who/how Atheists worship... Maybe he meant that he considers Atheism a cult like most religions.

Wait. You mean we have rules???


he is the one who is not logical but because he isn't, he'll never see it. pat him on the head and say "there there, it's all right" and walk away. he'll never ever get it.


Probably better to say "Bless your heart"

@ATDayHiker i was told today to have a blessed day (pronounced, in this case, blest day). i bit my tongue.


@genessa There is a lady at the local DairyQueen drive-through window who says that to every customer. Not unusual for East Tennessee.

@ATDayHiker alas not unusual anywhere as far as i can see. and it never occurs to them it might be offensive. from their perspective, how can it be offensive when they're wishing us well? they don't see it as pushing their religious concepts onto others.


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