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Dear fellow drivers:

Please stop driving 10 mph below the speed limit, until you hit the passing lane, where you floor it and drive at 75 so nobody else can pass you. What's the deal with that? Do you just get a kick out of seeing cars in your rear view?

Please stop driving with your turn signal on for a half mile before finally deciding to turn.

Please learn the difference between "Stop" signs and "Yield" signs. You don't have to yield if there's nobody coming. Who the hell are you yielding to? The wind?

This is hardly an exhaustive list, but in short... Please quit being jerks when you drive.

Paul4747 8 Feb 8

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I've passed such slow drivers and see them either dialing a phone number or texting.

JGal Level 7 Feb 9, 2019

I think slow drivers are more likely to cause an accident, than those who speed.


Oh I sooooo agree! I’m in Australia and it’s the same deal. Indicating way before you need is dangerous as well as absurd. You fail your driving test in UK for that! And do you have those people that either almost stop when they turn off to the left or park? A kindred spirit road user? Thank you for posting.

Yes, very much so... as if they're thinking "Do I really want to turn here or not?"

@Paul4747 Exactly. Meanwhile, due to heavy rain someone goes up their arse and causes all sorts of damage. And the irony is the person driving the following vehicle is deemed to be at fault

@Geoffrey51 Just as bad are those who don't signal at all, especially in bad weather.

True story: During a snowstorm, I (at the tender age of 19) was following another driver by his taillights through the night, unable to see what lane I was in because his lights were brighter than the snow-covered lane markings. Unbeknownst to me, he drifted without signalling into the left turn lane. He then simultaneously hit his brakes and turn signal. I hit my brakes. I lost traction. All my brakes did for me was to dig my front bumper in low enough to slide under his, so that his bumper drove my radiator backwards into the fan. Needless to say, it was a mess, the car was undriveable, and to add insult to injury, I got the ticket for "driving too close". He insisted to the police that he used his turn signal... jerk.

@Paul4747 uhhh. What a piss off. I really don’t like driving at the best of times and that would make me get a bicycle!


I think having a driving licence is seen as a right not a privilege these days. There should be mandatory retesting every few years to weed out the incompetents. Driving standards in the UK are poor but better I think than in the USA. tailgating and lane discipline is particularly bad over there.

I’m in Australia now but lived in the UK all my life until 12 years ago. I promise you that the standard in the UK as of 12 years ago was way above Australia.

The problem is, nobody wants to put the money in the DMV budget for road testing every 4 or 8 years. And if you think that department is unpopular now, wait until they start turning down driver's licences... 😀


Get a helicopter.

Got any idea where I can pick up an Apache, fully loaded, low miles?

@Paul4747 And if you think it's hard to find a parking space.

@Sticks48 25mm chain gun
Make your own space


I get pissed at the clowns who think Yield means Merge and seem to think they have dibs on the lane I'm in.

Just had one of those on my way home tonight. The guy in front of him was also in front of me, pulling into the roundabout, he had the right of way. But when it's my turn, dammit, it's MY turn.


And: fucking hang up and DRIVE, motherfucker!

Nearly broadsided by a work van today. Driver gabbing away, oblivious...til my horn blowing and screaming.

Also, if you ever visit the entire Charlotte NC metro area, and are first in line when your light turns green, keep this in mind:
Most are colorblind on the streets.
Green=Go Yellow=GO faster Red=HURRY WE CAN STILL MAKE IT.
I wish I was kidding!

@HomeAloneSunday I totally get that. I’ve lived here all my life pretty much. Charlotte/Gastonia/Lake Norman: evil traffic trio!


Do you live in Florida? People's driving habits tell me a lot about their personalities and communication skills.

I do not. It seems drivers are the same wherever you go.

@Paul4747 Everyday when I drive, I practice my patience skills.

@Wildflower I’m impressed...I just go ahead and vent it out. Otherwise my head would have exploded years ago.
I can be Zen about many things...just not this one!

@CarolinaGirl60 I agree venting in the car can't be helped at times. And I do that as well... but once I call somebody names and cuss them out, I'm all Zen again.

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