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I've been thinking a lot about my grandparents lately.

They had one of the best and most BEAUTIFUL love stories ever! I yearn for their kind of love with someone special.

They both died tragically on separate occasions, but I know they're reunited in their young and beautiful souls as when they first met and fell in love. Not even death could keep them apart.

As soon as I get back to myself again, I will dedicate my next dance to my beloved grandparents.

This song is for the both of you. I miss and love you very much! ?❤?⚘

Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

SleeplessInTexas 8 Feb 8

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I miss them so much! On my saddest days, I wish they were here to guide me. ?


I am so sorry for your loss.




Always sad to lose Grandparents, I only knew three as my Mums Dad had died before I was born. I’msure You’ll find someone special soon as they will also be looking for someone special


I am so sorry your grandparents have left this life. You have a double whammy! That must be hard. But hold their love in your heart, and plow through to the outside of grief! It will come. Finding the right person for each of us, is not easy and even then we must know how to navigate the rough spots, so that we can stay together! Believe and work toward loving and being loved! That is always a good choice. My heart goes out to you! ?


True love transcends traditional beauty.

Your couple are so-o handsome! They are not the average, even as I applaud them! But, there are not-so-handsome people who care for and love each other into old age.


How nice!


Dear Future Love/ Husband

Will you still love me

When I'm no longer young and beautiful?

Will you still love me

When I've got nothing but my aching soul?

I know you will, I know you will

I know that you will

Will you still love me when I'm no longer beautiful?

I think the Beatles got there first


I’m not 64 until November, so I’ve still got a bit of time left

@Marcel3405 ❤???

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