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Does anyone else find it ironic that a man who has been accused by 17 different women of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment, and has cheated on 3 different wives, gave the main speech at the National Prayer Breakfast? []

It doesn't seem that crazy to me that a prayer breakfast attracts a bunch of sexual predators.

By jerry998
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A sexual predator involved in leading people in prayer? No, I don't find that ironic at all.
It's practically expected a this point.

MLinoge Level 7 Feb 9, 2019

I find the notion of having a “National Prayer Breakfast” too farcical for words in the first place. What exactly does such an event have to do with running a country....what the hell is the purpose of it?


Sounds about right! All the press about Liam Neeson takes the heat of the real sickheads in the upper echelons who can do what they like due to untouchability. Lots of pedophiles and perverted up there I understand.


many Republicans....the irony is lost.


Well if clergy can do it why can’t the President? []


Christianity has fallen away from doing the right thing to doing for yourself everything that you can. It is all about money which fits in well with the Republican boys club.


Current Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus. It's all about me, me, me and how much money/power can I get out of the stupid.

kiramea Level 7 Feb 9, 2019

@Mortal Old 'Gut-shot' Reagan was a total dip-shit idiot but tRump somehow manages to make even him look intelligent from time to time.

@Mortal That’s intriguing! Where can I find more information about that?

@Mortal I'm going to look Richard Carrier up. Thanks for the info!


Isn't his best buddy on the Supreme Court?

godef Level 7 Feb 9, 2019
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