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God does exist . I know that god exists because i know " what " god is . To know what something is , is to understand that thing . The more you know about a thing , the better you will understand it . God is pure energy . And god is more than that . And knowing this alone about god lets me know that god is real . And this knowledge also lets me know that many religions do come from the true god . And no , that does not mean that men have not tried to manipulate true religion for personal gain and to control others . Remember , a gun is only a threat in the hands of fools and the wicked . And both are known by their works . So it is also with religion . Religion is only a threat in the hands of fools and the wicked . And both fools and the wicked , are known by their deeds .

HIGHIQ 4 Feb 9

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If god is energy then it is settled. You have defined what god is to you, however you added much religious dogma that does not fit within the definition of "Energy." You have a long way to go and much more to understand. Stick around you have much to learn.


You know, this is the kind of New Age pseudo religion that many fall for. They take religious themes, give it a coat of bad science, and it seems cool. For example: God = Energy. Angels = Astro Travellers. Afterlife |Heaven = Parallel Universes, Alternative Realities. Spiritual Knowledge = Universal Awareness. Death = Energy Transference. And if they can throw in Relativity and Quantum Theory as well, then great, all without the benefit of actually being qualified in these fields. Like all religious stuff I suppose it produces feel good chemicals in the brain.


you are most certainly not a fountain of infinite understanding and knowledge. you are a person who deliberately comes to a place where agnostics and atheists can feel comfortable not being harassed by believers and harasses us with your assertions that we're wrong. guess what? that is, at best, a bore. no one here needs your nonsense. seriously.


p.s. those with knowledge are feared? people with knowledge should be admired, learned from, protected from anti-intellectual assholes, encouraged to share their knowledge and not hide it, treasured by society, NOT feared.. when i say "people with knowledge" i am not referring to you. i am referring to people with actual knowledge, not egotists who want people to think they're being done a favor by being preached to with total nonsense.

pps. you talk about the true god, but look at all those gods (including satan) in whom you purport to believe. not too choosy, are you? which one is your true god? your intellect was in doubt from the word go. now so is your sincerity.

He isn't harassing anyone. After all, it's our option to engage him or not, to block him or not.
Now, if he is chasing your all over the site posting these thoughts and not engaging or defending them, then yeah, that's harassment. But all I see is him talking and us choosing to talk back to him...

@TheMiddleWay i am not accusing him of harassment, of me or anyone else (i wouldn't know whom he harassed). i am accusing of being here to harass atheists. i believe that is his intention, based on what he has said and who he claims to be.


@genessa no one needs to "harass" you . You do a better job of "playing the victim" than most people i encounter . You clearly don't need my help at all .

@genessa, @TheMiddleWay

@HIGHIQ ah. my bad. i didn't realize you were a TOTAL idiot.



This is a circular argument on steroids. It's like a dog chasing its tail. To wit, God exists because you know God exists. Knowing God exists means you understand God. Since you understand God then God exists. I could say, "I am God, I exist, therefore God exists", and it would be just as believable.

Not exactly . God did create this universe , and everthing in it . You did not even create yourself . So , somebody might believe that "you" are god . But not me .

I see no evidence that God created the universe.


Am I to go on the premise that you are saying that 'God is Science'. I don't believe in the term "God" "Love" "Perfect or Exact" Superlatives of any definition. We still have to define when or where it all began. We are being led to believe that we will be responsible for our own demise and destruction.


Do you think you have given us a convincing argument here?

Dietl Level 7 Feb 9, 2019

Maybe basing your existence on pithy but meaningless sayings isn’t the best pathway to happiness.

I would kill myself before i let a sad , miserable wretch like you "instruct" me in finding the "pathway" to happiness.


What evidence do you have to support your beliefs that:

  1. God does exist.
  2. God is real.
  3. God is pure energy
  4. Religions come from this real energy god.
BD66 Level 7 Feb 9, 2019

@HIGHIQ Please tell me where you bought the stuff you are smoking.


So which one is the toddler who picks up a gun and shoots its sibling, a fool or a wicked child?

Only a wicked fool would ask this question . If you knew god you would know the answer like i do . Here's the types of wicked fools i'm talk'in about .


Are you trying to convince us, or yourself? The latter, I suspect.

I'm not here to meet "dudes" . So why would i try to convince you of anything ? Someone has to have "intelligence" to be convinced of anything . And you clearly have none .

@HIGHIQ quite the intellectual aren't you. Why this site attracts believers like you has always baffled me. I don't spend my time hanging around religious places. There's no one to convert here, and argumentatively you are out of your league. Still, you must get something out of it. A place to feel at ease with your doubts, perhaps. Well, that's good. Doubt is a heathy by product of a healthy mind, the mind urging itself to reconsider what it wants to believe.


Knowledge is what you can demonstrate to be true. What you have is wishful thinking.

No , you "wish" that hell does not exist . And the same disappointment that you have known in this life , will follow you until the end of time . And beyond .


Let's examine your idea of god a bit further. You posit god is "pure energy". Let's start there: is he pure Kinetic, Potential, Heat, or Electro Magnetic energy?



I should have asked ....did you mean to post this in Fun and Humour? ?

Fun and humour , are the only posts that you should ask people to read to you .


I think your user name is a definite misnomer!


Wrong site moron



Oh dear

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