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Just reached the giddy heights of level 9...! Don’t know what comes next, but it won’t make any difference anyway. I have been here since June 2018 and love posting, replying and messaging to all of you. I have made new friends from other parts of the world, have been supported by many during my recent sad bereavement and feel the Agnostic family has been beneficial to me in all sorts of ways. Thank you to all who have contributed to make this site a happy place.

By Marionville9
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Now, be prepared to see any advancement come to a screeching halt.

KKGator Level 9 Feb 9, 2019

Was never here for the points anyway! ?


Congratulations!! I always look forward to reading your posts and also your answers to posts, you have a load of common sense. You have shown me how to view things through a more positive lens, a few times. Thank you.

How nice of you to say so...thank you. I enjoy reading your posts too.


Congratulations. @Marionville ♥ You worked hard for it!

Not really, was all just enjoyment!


While we have our disagreements (and boy do we), I offer you congrads!

Let’s let bygones be bygones....!

@Marionville No, lets fight some more, only this time, no biting!

@creative51 Doesn’t matter what you say....I refuse to block you! ?

@Marionville I noticed you liked my music post of Nina Simone.

@creative51 I have always loved Nina Simone...! If I had blocked you I’d have missed it,

@Marionville See, you are not all bad! LOL

@creative51 Neither are you if you like good music,


Congrats welcome to the Level 9 Club.

Thanks...where are the drinks?


I for one always welcome your comments, and am glad your wit and wisdom are here on this site. ?

Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind remarks.

Me too


Congratulations! Well done.

Your posts about music have enriched my life. Thank you.

That brings me great pleasure to think so. Thank you.



Thank you !


Is it true that the prize for Level 9 is a trip around the world?

Bobby9 Level 8 Feb 18, 2019

I wish!


At level ten, you gain the ability to be all places at once. And then you turn into a giant salamander. (Anyone who gets this reference has my sincere condolences.)

resserts Level 8 Feb 10, 2019

Le sigh.... I do. Voyager. At least I can't tell you it was season 2 episode 12. Jk


Congratulations. I have set a goal to reach level 9 before I leave this site.

Sticks48 Level 9 Feb 9, 2019

Don’t leave us even when you reach it!

Don't leave - improve it.


Hey, Marje, how's rthe air up there?

You’ll soon find out for yourself!


& you are NOT listed on the Main Page of the Site as a "Top Contributor"!!! Somebody dropped the ball here @Admin!

At any rate, Congratulations!

I don’t post a huge amount. I do one or two posts a day in each of the categories I’m host of, and in a few others. I do listen and comment on most of the music posted in my groups, and reply and comment randomly on other topics in the main site, if they catch my attention. The points aren’t all that important to me, the enjoyment is in the participation.

@Marionville I totally agree, but I miss having the points listed for "Top Contributors" so that we can all see when a Member is reaching Level 8 or 9 (major milestones!) & I think that list should be accurate & in order. Tho most of us who have reached this "goal" would have done so, points or no, but they are there & it does show a commitment to participation & should be recognized as such!
Still, you have "done good", & I salute you! I've loved sharing music & words with you & I am delighted you're with us! Again, kudos & congratulations!


Well done indeed. 8 seems years away to me at the moment but some levels went very speedily.
Can I ask if you contribute to any Forums of any nature in the UK? Just looking for viable formats. I know this one is very good

No, this is my first and only foray into Social Media.


Rumor(rumour ?) is, you start all over again?

Mike1947 Level 7 Feb 9, 2019

Could be....or you just disappear......!



Superpower at Level 10. smile009.gif

Just rumors of course.... and that's doing a full 1 to 9 all over again I think? So next year this time! smile009.gif

RavenCT Level 9 Feb 9, 2019

Is there a prize for 10? Has anyone ever reached it? I guess not....are you going to be the first one there?

@Marionville Nope not me! I'm not the most prolific poster by far.

Probably phxbillcee.

Not sure where I'll be in the lineup after that - but it's ok - I'll get there eventually if I should live that long. smile009.gif But I would like a prettier color for the permanent star. smile002.gif

I figured another year from the time I made 9. Some can do 9 far faster than a year - but I do these wordy responses? (Sigh).

But you know - different styles.

@RavenCT I don’t care if I ever reach 10. There seems to be no real advantage to even reaching 9! I tend to be very long winded too...I like using language, so that makes two of us!

@Marionville it's a lot like folks who mountain climb looking around when they reach a summit. Nice to know how you got there.
Though frankly I have no master plan. lol

Enjoyment is key. It would be really silly to be setting goals at this stage.


I've been here since July, so am right behind you.

Good could be next!


You must live here.

No...I just come on and off regularly. I do have a full life with lots of friends.



Thank you.


Good for you! Will be a long while before I get there though I’ve been here a while too. I think I need to post more original stuff...

You can’t be too far off level 8...Tshirt and pen time!

@Marionville miles away! But not worried. I look terrible in a t-shirt anyway



Thanks so much.


Congrats! smile001.gif

Thank you.

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