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I'm not religious but someone was looking over me today. I kept having premonitions of a car crash then totalled my truck. As it was rolling over I was really calm and watched the roof and windows cave in around me. I saw the stereo fall out of the dash and two trees fall as I hit them. I was so incredibly relaxed through the whole event that I walked away completely unhurt. I'm absolutely sure that my dad was there with me, watching over me and my calmness saved me from injury. I was sitting where the roof caved in. There was no fear at all of death or injury. It's only when these things happen that we see our personal world and realise that you might not be here now.

Jon791 4 Feb 10

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Had a similar experience some years back, when the car I was driving hit a patch of black ice and it felt like the world around me went into slow motion. No panicking, no Jesus-take-the-wheel - just calm. Still felt like I had a modicum of control and could talk to the others in the car. Surreal.


I'm glad you're OK!


There is quite a bit in our brains that we don't understand. Don't discount the premonitions or recollections. Something kept you calm and allowed your body to walk away. Wonder if some hormone or enzyme acted as a sedative to get you through the trauma??

Glad you're okay!!!


You were very fortunate. I had a work truck spin out of control with me in a bad rain 2 years ago. It happened so quickly and I bounced off the median cable and ended up with my truck facing the opposite direction. No time to think and nobody there with me. I walked away without a scratch because I was wearing a seat belt.


Accidents like these happen very quickly and are over in a matter of seconds. You did not have time to act or respond any other way than the way you did. It was simply a matter of chance the it ended the way it did. I am glad you were not hurt in any way other than shaken up.



This might help you understand your experience. Glad you came out of that unscathed!


Glad you're safe.


I've rolled 2. It's a trip.


Wow! Thank goodness you got out in one piece.


I’m glad you walked away unhurt. You have just been through a trauma and I don’t wish to upset you by disagreeing, so I will just say that I believe you may be suffering from some sort of post stress related psychosis. My two sons survived a similar accident when they were in their late teens, the car was a complete write-off and they walked away without as much as a does happen. I do not believe our late relatives can be there when we are in danger looking out for us, that would mean believing in the supernatural, something there is no evidence of.

Just because we haven't proved it yet doesn't mean it's not true. I have a very scientific mind didn't believe the messages that my ex-wife was telling me about things that only him and I knew. I have seen many things about the afterlife and truly believe that death is not the end. I don't believe in any sort of God but am very spiritual.


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