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After about 2 weeks of temperatures in the -20s and -30s C (with windchill in the -40s and -50s), and more of this the next week and a half, I'm actually looking forward to highs of -13/14C on Wednesday of next week and on. Break out the BBQ grill and put on the t-shirt and shorts!!!

How's the weather where you are? Better than mine, I hope.

graceylou 8 Feb 11

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the arctic air finally got to van isle the day after we got back from 3 months in AZ (feb 3).
lately temps have been getting down to around -6 & just staying around freezing during the day so that snow has accumulated.
our tulips were just peaking out from the ground when we got back & now covered with 6 ins snow.
effing global warming. oh, i forgot now it's climate change.

We had snow in June. Was not great for the blooming flowers.


Wind chill was about -40 here a few days ago.

I think our worst so far this past while was -51.


Have some points ???

Thank ye!!


Sounds like a heat wave. Break out the BBQ and Bermuda shorts.


Mid -20's C. here with wind chill, little snow. Hoping it will break somewhat as we have to go north next week for my hip replacement.


Sorry to hear that. Here in Miami today 25.5C and tomorrow 27.2C...this is middle of winter, so take the next Air Canada!

Nope. I can't do those temperatures. I would die at 23C. My house thermostat is set at 16C during the day, 15C at night. Higher than that I feel sick. I sleep in a bedroom with no central heating (just room heater and mattress heater both turned on just before bedtime and off when I go to bed). All I'm wanting is anywhere between 0 and 10C and I would be happy.


A gorgeous albeit overcast day in middle TN. Crocus are blooming, mint is peaking out, many many herbs and crawlers carpeting the garden path, lilacs budding, ... . You get the pic 🙂))) Energizing!

And we don't even have lawn grass showing. LOL. We have had snow since mid-September. It's getting tiring.


No doubt!

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