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Sooooo I’ve got under 700 points to go to get to Level 8. Can I get a lick of help to get me over the edge? I need to get off Level 7. I will be forever indebted to you (well, not forever, may be a few minutes). 😁

graceylou 8 Feb 11

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Are we there yet?

Not yet. Around 400 or so to go. But the journey is half the fun, no?


Made it to Level 8!!!!! Thank you everyone. Couldn’t have done it without all of you lovely quirky folks!!! I hope I didn’t forget to thank everyone.



Whhhaaaaaaatttt? I’m now at 55816 points!!!! That is almost 6000 points above the 50000 points mark. You guys ROCK!!!!


Here's a like and a comment. So let it be written; so let it be done!

Thank you!!!

@graceylou Bonus like and comment. LOL!

@IAMGROOT I may have to give you a few extra minutes of indebtedness.


Here is a point

Thanks a bunch!!!


Excited about getting an T-shirt at Level 8?

Here you go.

Thank you. Lol. I’m just so close. Might as well get myself there.


Awww... poor baby!


I'm an 11th generation descendent of Edward Doty who came over on the Mayflower.

Edward Doty fought the first duel in America. They dueled with pistols and swords. Nobody got hurt. As punishment, the two were tied back-to-back for 48 hours in the Plymouth jail.

I like to thank Ed for my spunk.

My ancestors include criminals and judges. One was the "Hanging Judge" Issac Parker of the American old West. He's already dead.


When you get there, look down upon us poor souls who toil in the lower level vineyards.

Nah. I will keep an eye on everyone needing help leveling up and help.


We get a picture of you in the new t-shirt right?

That seems to be the norm. May be I would be deviant and post a pic without the t-shirt. Just kidding.

@graceylou ive decided to ignore the "just kidding part" ??

@graceylou split the difference? Shirt.. no pants?

@hippydog I think the t-shirt will be long enough to pretty much cover me to the knees.

@graceylou yes!!!


You owe me! 🙂

For a few minutes yes.



Awwwwww. Meanie.


Insightful comment



I made level 8 in the middle of the night. Thank you.

Great to hear!!! Congrats.

@graceylou Yup. I am the boss now for about a minute. Bring me wine and women. Well I am in my 50s make it older slower women. One that uses a Walker and congrats to you as well.

@Mokvon pphhhhttt 50s is the new 30s. I’m 48. I’m getting there. But I’m not slowing down just yet. Lol.

@graceylou sigh if it was only true.



Thank you!!!


You’re more than deserving of a few. Hope you reach your goal!

Thank you. That’s so kind


Only if you promise to start reacting and sometimes responding to everyone else.

She made it to level 8. She must be doing something..

But I have. I haven’t gotten to everyone yet. I had to cook and eat dinner. In fact, I don’t just react. I do thank them and respond to questions.

@graceylou not just here, on every post you view!

@MissKathleen I do most of the time. I wouldn’t get this far if I didn’t. It’s not a requirement to always react or respond.

@graceylou well, many of us have maxed out on getting points for reacting, but we still do it because it gives YOU points...and we want to encourage your participation.

@MissKathleen I’m maxed out on some. But I still react to posts.


Hmph, they should give you a two fer from us 😉

Yes they should eh? Thank you.


Go girl ! 🙂

Thank you!!!


On my way!!!


Have a few points on me 🙂

Thanks so much.


Hey, I'll take a few minutes. ?

Your wish is my command.


Five again

Thanks so much!!! Generous of you.


Here is five


Sooooo, anything else as important going on in your life.....?

Yes. I’m cooking Brussels sprouts for the first time. I’m a Brussels sprouts virgin.


points, points, points, points, points

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.


I hear level 8 allows you to communicate directly with Xenu.

I’m very much looking forward to it!!!


Me too. I suggest you insult someone.

Lol. I’m vegan. I think I offend many by just being one.

Good idea. Raise a ruckus! ?

@graceylou so a cow can run a plant cant. Who is the really monster here you monster

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