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So what do you think should happen to this girl?

BBC News - British IS schoolgirl 'wants to return home'

By Flettie7
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Shamima Begum, now 19, talked about seeing "beheaded heads" in bins - but said that it "did not faze her."

Ha ha ha yeah, let her rot.


This is such a sad story on so many fronts. I can’t wrap my mind around how young girls would want to join ISIS. The ISIS cause, is about control and killing...what makes a young person run toward that? From a mother’s perspective, I would want my daughter back. But, there would need to be measures in place to see that this young woman was protected and that she, herself did not run into another wayward situation. This is heartbreaking.


She made her bed, now leave her to lay in it.

Triphid Level 8 Feb 14, 2019

She does not seem to have repented of her leaving nor of her support for the regime. She is looking out for the best interests of her baby, but she did make the decisions that led to the death of the previous babies. I don't think she should take priority over anyone else in any case. I pretty much feel like she made her bed, let her lie in it. What does the nation have to gain if they bring her back, and what risk does the nation take if they do? I don't see it as being a good bargain. Maybe humanitarian, but I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. Is there anyone who is willing to take her in and be accountable for her? Does her family want her to come back?

I pretty much feel like she made her bed, let her lie in it

She was a young teen from an extreme family...

What does the nation have to gain if they bring her back

We show we are better than they are in a very practical manner.

And the risk can be very effectively mitigated by locking her up if she steps out of line...

I’d take her back. I’m confident Teresa May will disagree. Which makes me more sure I’m right


I watched her being interviewed on the BBC News last night...she is unrepentant. She only wants to ensure that her baby survives by coming home to use the NHS! She had two earlier babies who died of malnutrition in Syria. I am normally an extremely compassionate person, but in this case I believe she should be denied repatriation to the UK and be made to suffer the consequences of her actions. She actually said that although she hadn’t witnessed any actual beheadings, she had seen the severed heads and they meant nothing to her, not affecting her in the least! We cannot allow such a heartless wretch back into our society, or her children, they will only be raised as a new generation of hate filled terrorists.

What offence has she committed? She is a British citizen. We cannot deny her. She has been radicalised, we can help with that.

@Amisja Not unless she sees that she was wrong, she doesn’t. She said she made the right decision to go, so let her stay!

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