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Even if you do not have anyone special to spend time with on this Heart Day, love yourself.

Go do something good for YOU!

You deserve it.

Loving hugs from me to each of you.πŸ€—

From Texas With Love,

SleeplessInTexas 8 Feb 14

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Ditto, ditto.


Hope you had a good day, whatever you did


does looking after my dying mother count?


It is just me this year. Needy and/or toxic relationships have been long ago terminated. It is really difficult for a guy (or gal) who does not want to become emotionally invested in a relationship. I have a fatal flaw in that women tend to fall in love with me, in spite of all the disclaimers I disclose. I know, I know, it is my burden to bear ?.

We just can't help ourselves.

@Countrywoman I know. Women like to have their things in their nest, especially their men. I know this sounds arrogant, but it is just the way we are wired. Sigh...some women think that they can change the men in their lives...How does that ever work out? In spite of all the up front disclosure, some think they can win your love over for a type of relationship that you have unequivocally ruled out on the FRONT END. The result is seldom pretty. I just ended a relationship like this last year.

@GuyKeith I meant we just can't help falling in love with YOU.

@Countrywoman I know. I understand. ?

@GuyKeith You're a Hot Hunk! We can't help ourselves! Hehehe...?


Thank you very much and give yourself a hug ?


Nooelec clasp the light for beauty all to gleam. Happy Eros eve.


Same to you. Have a great day!

JimG Level 8 Feb 14, 2019

Back atcha!


Hugs back at ya. Happy V day.


You're right I may stop and buy myself some flowers on my way home from work. And hugs a kisses to you too sweetheart.........


Back atchya.. I'm lucky to have a 150 Lb Rotty and a 60 Lb Pit bull to hug and kiss on.. ? ?

@Captain_Feelgood It's just me, my two sons, and my 2 pit bull pups. We're gonna have a fun and easy dinner and movies at home.

We're not fancy folks around here.



I hoarded a treasure trove of bitter and sour Valentine's Day cards that have been gloriously shared with you.. But I have a new relationship going on. There is just no winning.


The same right back at ya, baby!

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