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so what does "Kids (Sometime)" mean? I'd initially read it as 'sometimes', meaning the person sometimes cares for their child/ren and is probably divorced etc... Now I see that wasn't it - but I'm bemused at how many people - well, men since it wouldn't be practical for 97% of women over 50 - have apparently still the intention to father children after age 50, 60 even! How does one square that with intelligence, with social responsibility, with over-population etc. etc. Let them raise themselves when you're dead and buried?

Allamanda 8 Feb 17

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I thought sometimes means that adult children sometimes live at home.

I'd also read it with a 's'... there isn't one!


I think for the most part the older guys are trying to keep all their options open. I dated a guy once that was 68, and had a 15 and twin 13 year old girls. She wanted kids, he wanted her. The irony was he never saved for retirement, lived the high life, and when he had to retire ended up renting a room from his former mother in law, the grandmother of his daughters, and she is younger than he is. One date with him was enough, I don't want school age kids in my life, unless they are my grandchildren. His life just had too much drama and baggage for me to deal with.

wow... yes not with a ten foot pole!

If I see a guy my age with young children, I see that as someone that prefers a much younger woman and won't reach out.

It's not that I can't accept young kids since I am very involved with my grands but no point in wasting time on someone that will find me too old

@Lucy_Fehr I find it slightly distasteful, especially when taken to extremes - a ten year age difference fine if that's their thing (or the other way around naturally), but realistically, looking vaguely for a future -of-your-chldren when you are over 60, and she must therefore be at most 35? Creepy.


I ended that at 24.

do you think these guys are just wildly impractical or Peter Pan types, or what?

Good question.


Lots of good questions there.

BD66 Level 7 Feb 17, 2019
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