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I'm confused... am I or am I not?

BeeHappy 9 Feb 19

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Good laugh. Thanks.

You're welcome!


"Do I exist"? One of my all time favorite discussions. Starting in Sunday School as a kid, pot talk as an adolescent, philosophy in college followed by years of experience I've finally found the answer!
Of course reality exists because you can't make this sh-t up.


Just think of yourself before you were born: you get to exist later, when you exit. Mom pays.

Hahaha 🙂


The accidentally ironic sign reflects the near universal commodification of life, where only the consumer is a citizen and death is not an exit.

cava Level 7 Feb 19, 2019

In this religion, you are born with original debt.

Good one! Hahaha


I read the Mongols believed that you paid for your space in the world by killing someone else.

Well as tempting as that may seem at times, I would strongly advise against it. ?


Bit hard to pay after

Isn't it harder to pay before you exist?


I would if I could.


you know ... the whole cartesian duality thing of having money and not having money.

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