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Temper, temper...

BeeHappy 9 Feb 19

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Sounds right.


Just let her scream herself out.

Do we have any choice?


Its like dealing with a hormonal teenager.

Yep, I remember those years. LOL


I know, it's like you can't get rid of the bitch.

Lol, why is everyone using the feminine to describe this? ?

@BeeHappy I blame @ProudMerrie I read her comment first. LOL

@kenriley Is that really how you want to play this Ken? You're gonna point the finger at @ProudMerrie? LOL

@kenriley Actually, it does sound vaguely feminine. LOL

@BeeHappy My back was up against the wall, I needed an escape route. I don't know why you didn't tell me that I nailed it.

@kenriley Have to keep you on your toes Ken! 😉


Sign is right. It is just like that when I am upset and storming mad.
In hindsight, I always have more to say.

Yep... ?


Isn't that simply gathering thoughts and making a rejoinder?

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