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Known universe just got bigger by 300,000 more galaxies []

Charliesey 7 Feb 19

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Only 300k? A miniscule nunber.


There goes property values. My old galaxy is worth less and less. Might need to invest in a galactic cluster while they are cheap.


I don't think its a matter of it getting bigger. We are slowly being able to see further and further with the improvements of better and stronger telescopes. We are discovering more unseen areas from "the planet "Earths'"" perspective! We (humans) are not even a drop in the universal bucket. I think that we are more like an atom on the universal stage!


How did the universe get bigger? We simply became aware of more of it. It would be next to impossible to map the universe but we can map areas closest to us.


The additional galaxies have flooded the market. Therefore it is a good time to buy a galaxy at a good price.


And the best part is, the maker of all those billions or trillions of galaxies, and all the billions and trillions of stars, and billions and billions of planets (channeling my inner Carl Sagan here) around the billions and trillions of stars, turned up in the First Century AD by impregnating a women so he could bring a message that we are "saved" from the sins he created in the first place, along with everything else, and then promptly had himself tortured and killed. Or so millions and millions of Christians believe. Well why wouldn't you believe that?


The observable universe is estimated to contain 200 billion to 2 trillion galaxies. []

@MicholD Neil deGrasse Tyson said "Not only are we in the universe, the universe is in us. I don't know of any deeper spiritual feeling than what that brings upon me."


i'm no expert but would this be a clue of the actual direction of the big bang?

The direction of the Big Bang is everywhere.

and this is why i stop trying to understand it lol

actually not really true. i had a wild hair theory that the big bang did not originate from a single location, but multiple locations. again im no expert, have no idea what people know about that.

@Janiesuper You are actually correct that the Big Bang did not occur at a single location.


Before they find the end of the universe, it is a bit nonsensical to regard the Big Bang as anything but a scam, especially since there are other explanations for the redshift and the MWBR, and since no dark matter has ever been seen.


Sounds like the universe just got a tiny bit bigger considering there are an estimated 10 billion galaxies.


So much to explore

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