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I will never again believe in fairytales
For I have seen the world as it truly is
it’s claws , it’s fangs , it’s scales
like a serpent in the night
he slipped into my bed
the screams that escape my soul
still echo in my head
alone and unprotected
I had nowhere to hide
the world had shown to me it’s ugly truth
I know how much he lied
I tried so hard to run but my feet were planted firm
there is no escaping
there is no where to turn
twisted torn and ragged
a fight I could not win
wicked thief of innocence
revealer of truth and sin
I will never again be unguarded
for my eyes are open wide
I have seen all the disguises
the night my innocent died.

Sharkymama 6 Feb 22

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A perfect poem upon learning I was lied to by that gentleman and scholar I found on For 8 months I fell so passionately in love with him. He was not that man I thought him to be, but only a troll passing his time on my behalf.

Innocence describes me well. I did not realize there are many men that spend hours on these sites pretending they are someone else, living in a made up world. I thought I was meeting a real man who was taken with me.

He said he was lonely and challenged with depression, was sexless for 10 years. We seemed so very compatible and happy together on Messenger. His daily mail was so exciting. I was sure I had found the one. Then suddenly he went from, "I miss you" & "I want to jump your bones", to "Move on" to me. He was off and running to another stranger, without an explanation for me.

Be aware this happens to the best of us. I'm through with trusting strangers here.


Survive and persist.

godef Level 7 Feb 23, 2019

Wow! Dark much? Slip into my bed, it's warm and soft and embracing here. The world will be the same, but a refuge and respate rests here.


And you still married him.

@jolanta this isn’t about my late husband


i remember this day


I'm sorry that your innocence was stolen (killed).


Experience teaches us that we should not b gullible. But, we also must not be so afraid and guarded that we are no longer capable to being open to new relationships and new ventures into life. If we become so jaded, we cheat the hear and joy out of our lives.


With your insight and ability to express your feelings you would be a help to others in need. Volunteer at your local womens shelter or as a mentor. They need you.

@Arthurk thank you for the suggestion, and I appreciate you reading it


Dark but very well written.


Haunting. How very sad.


That touched my heart. It made me think of my 9 year old mother who was continually raped by a catholic priest. It made her hate the church and the god she was told to believe in. Probably why she never talked about or pushed any religion on my younger sister and I.

@redheadedgammy sadly the message in this poem is easily relatable. But we gain strength and we find reasons to just keep going on ,like your grandma did

That's unfucking believe (excuse the language) Nothing infuriates me more than the abuse of an innocent.

@Sharkymama It was my mother, and yes, she was an incredibly strong woman and made her way in life as best she could. She was an angry person though, always quick to strike back. I didn't understand why she was so cold and never showed her feelings until I discovered this about her from her older brother, my Uncle Tony. I wish I had known this before her death as I believe our relationship could have been different.


Harshly moving. Echoes of betrayal, rape, or contemporary politics.

@Lawerence63 it’s intentionally vague allowing for a reader to Feel the message on based on their own experiences.

@Sharkymama your poem while dark, is very expressive and well done. Do you have others?

@Lawrence63 yes I have others, a few are already posted . I’ve been writing for many years, usually dark like this one


Glum view of life. Life is dark at times, but it is also amazing, exciting, beautiful, comical, valuable and surreal.

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