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The deadly truth about a world built for men – from stab vests to car crashes

Crash-test dummies based on the ‘average’ male are just one example of design that forgets about women – and puts lives at risk


Jnei 8 Feb 23

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I already knew this was crazy bs, but I researched real quick and varified... On the job deaths is still about 98 percent men.

I've worked a lot of the jobs listed. In the rare even we have women coworkers, we are extremely protective of them, and they never do the most dangerous tasks.

Also the men who do this work are often the most ignored by women at the bar or club.

Is this trend every going to correct itself? You ladies should be the ones protesting how many men die in these dangerous fields women don't even apply for.

Enjoy this bed you're making. There will really be no manly men left before we know it.


a lot of the article is based on dubious interpretation of stats.
Fall in the number of deaths at work linked with an increasing percentage among women. If you go back 100 years the mining, fishing, building, chemicals, armed forces and other 'dangerous' jobs were done almost exclusively by men. Most jobs related to these once major employers are now done abroad. At the same time the number of women in the workforce has dramatically increased, so women as a % of work place deaths is a likely outcome.
Research on cancer is almost always directed toward easy targets - ie where people are dying from an identified common background - working in asbestos factories, with particular chemicals, a dusty mine environment, etc and it is relatively easy to obtain funding where a high death toll is identified.
Some cancer related hemicals are known to be absorbed by fats - male or female - generally obesity is named as the causal link - more fat than 'normal' people. Testing chemicals in isolation is again easier 100 chemicals to test = 100 test programmes 100 chemicals to test as pairs = 100 x 99/2 = 4500 test programmes - the logistics for all chemicals used becomes an unrealistic objective - but where a causal link with a chemical mix is identified it should be investigated.
Body armour and other ppe incorrectly fitting - sadly, if more people die from incorrect sizing there may be legislation to change standards... though manufacture of items could fairly easily be tailored to individuals - a 3d body scan, 3d image processing and computerised manufacture of the item. Should the technology become common, with items redesigned to simplify manufacture the costs per item should fall to only a little above current standard production costs Read of made to measure suits being made this way somewhere in the far east
As for crash test dummies and the average man - who does he look like - men go from 7 - 20+ stone in weight.
Most of the article is not a 'womens' problem - simply a standards problem.

The implication of all that you say is that there should be far more research and testing over a far wider range of types and sizes of people. No arguing with that, but sadly very few companies and governments are interested in doing anything they are not forced to.


Fascinating! And way to accurate. Most medical treatment is developed for men. Signs for heart attacks for women are different than for men. What gets advertised. Medicines are calculated for men. Surgical equipment built for men. It goes on and on.

I'm not sure what country you live in, but that's certainly not true in the US.
Pick any city here and do a map search by gender for medical facilities.
Do a search for clinical studies and see if they want men or women.
I am a pretty typical man. I almost never go to the hospital. Most women get 3 to 10 times the medical attention and services as men.

I seriously doubt any western country is very different.
Look into cancer deaths and cancer research. Nobody care about men.

@DiegoDonJuan My location is mentioned, all you need to do is hover, I am in the middle of the US, just north of you. Most medical research has been done on men. Yes, women are a major consumer of healthcare, especially younger women, that comes from having babies. Yes, studies now are looking for women, because studies for the last 50+ years were done on men. I work in the health care field, I am a mother and grandmother, I have children your age. The fact that studies have been done mostly on men has been established for most of my lifetime. Women are chronically undertreated by health care. If a man complains of pain he his medicated to the gills. If a woman complains she is seen as a whiner and left to suffer. It is well established and well documented. Things are now changing, but it is coming slowly.

@HippieChick58 @DiegoDonJuan. Look no further for examples than Louann Brizendine, MD. Brizendine attended Yale School of Medicine from 1976-1981. As a poor student, she attempted to volunteer for a clinical trial (taking a medicine or placebo, reporting results) but was rejected. The explanation was that as a female, she would have monthly fluctuations in her system. She changed her major in response to this gender bias: she is now a neuropsychiatric. Her two books are The Female Brain and The Male Brain. Interesting reads for the curious.


I really know about this being not only female but also short. When I drive our car - stick-change like at least 50% in Europe, and bought for my husband who is no longer permitted to drive - I have to sit so far forward in order to reach the pedals that I am pressed right up against the steering wheel and have to be careful not to sound the horn all the time. If the airbag exploded it would probably kill me. I keep my driving to an absolute minimum.

I was with someone on a tram today in zurich who said, hilariously: ‘I think I just pressed the stop button for the next station with my tit’

What do you say?


50% of all governments should be female


the shoulder strap on seatbelts go across my throat


I love Sandi Toksvig: she is one of many answers to the old ‘women aren’t funny’ trope.

And her story in that article is superb.

Notice those Brits who wake up on a Sat am, read the Guardian and post the interesting articles here? Yup.. Mea culpa


Thanks, Jnei!




A very informative article... Thx

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