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Trump Tax Cuts Hand Banks $28.8bn Bonus []

Charliesey 7 Feb 23

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Bank bailouts are illegal. Fuck it let's just give them some tax breaks instead...


The banks have been rewarded under just about every President of the United States except Andrew Jackson.


i can't imagine any working class person being dumb enough to think a greedy, crooked billionaire was going to improve their standard of living. but i guess there were a few million of them.
however, i think in many cases it was a matter of--who are you going to be screwed by--the right wing, a populist or the limousine liberals. in my case i find the lim libs the most repugnant of all.


He has handed out more debt to the country than all the republican presidents combined.

And the next president, whatever the political flavor, will hand out even more. If any president does not stop increasing the debt, you will see a depression as bad as or worse than the one in the 30's.


This is because today we are the product and we are being sold. We are all being sold right down the river. (Pardon my slavery pun.)

No need to pardon what smells true.

When the term "living wage" becomes dirty words, you know it's true.


Well, it's all part of MAGA, you know. Murdering America's Great Achievements.


A tax cut does not hand you money. It is not a gift from government to be able to keep what you have rightfully earned.

I am no fan of the banks, stimulus or any of that type of forced socialism, but clarification was needed.

It's your share of what it costs to create, maintain, and defend your country, at least that's what it's supposed to be. Unfortunately, it's become a way for crooks and bums to steal from the rest of us who try to play fair. I wouldn't care to live in a place where there were no government services and everything depended on a few people working hard without any compensation. Would you?


I don't have a country. My home is Earth. You are projecting your values onto me and I do not see how they apply at all.

I do not have a fair share. If your product or service cannot find its place in an entirely free market, it probably should not exist. So this is where we differ. I do not feel that govt is good or efficient at anything, including defense. I do not want any government services, because the free market has proven repeatedly that it does everything better.

This from the guy from Las Vegas!

@jerry99 , uh huh, your healthcare system is the envy of the world...NOT..

@callmedubious Why tell me? I don't give a rat's ass.


In case there was any doubt about who the Trump tax cuts were intended to benefit.

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