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I had a teacher ask me isnt hot yoga just about sex? I mean don't people like not even wear clothes? Well we wear clothes just not a lot of clothes because its 100 degrees. No, we don't fornicate at yoga. Not unless it's a really full moon and we just sacrificed a goat, but that's rare. There's just not a lot of goats around.

thinkwithme 7 Feb 23

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Um, well,... there's kilted yoga, that's kind of hot...

Thank you so much for sharing!


To the OP...


that's hilarious. I have never met anyone who actually likes to do hot yoga hahaha

Hahaha! ??? I was expecting, "That's hilarious. Obviously someone doesn't know what hot yoga is."

You so taught me never to assume! ??? (Great comment ... from a hot yoga fan.)

@SeaGreenEyez ah now i've met someone who likes hot yoga lol




They do yoga, in high temps. You need new teacher(s)

a coworker that teaches kids not about yoga.


Ah dear friends EVERYTHING is about sex ???


I think you just disappointed a lot of people there.


I had a girlfriend once who was a yoga teacher and she was hot. Does that count ?.




Yoga...yes. 100 degree! I'm also smiling at the vision of a room full of naked, sweaty people in some of those yoga poses! I don't think that would look too sexy.


Sheesh. I'd love to get that person's take on nude beaches. Psh.

Love nude beaches!! Except the!

@Lovemylife1 Yeah. It tends to chafe behind the prepuce. ?


Hot Yoga -


Cancels his membership
. Damn..


Don't show them this:

Is that hot goat yoga?????

@Al-Bundy_59 only if the goats are good looking.

That is possibly the best thing I've ever seen. Stretch and snuggle a baby goat?!


LOL!! I take yoga classes, but I haven't done hot yoga. I don't like heat, and the line between hot and too freaking hot is very thin.

Do what's good for you

I am with you. I'd melt, but I bet my body and skin would benefit.


I've wanted to try hot yoga.

Do it. Just come hydrated plus bring water and a towel

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