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Should we let that ISIS bride back into the US?

IamBane 6 Feb 25

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Yes and so should we. We made her.

she made herself!...just like u or me or anyone!


Capital punishment still exists right?

Yeah. Let her back in. To Texas. Try her for treason.

I'm mostly kidding. I'm against capital punishment, though I wouldn't shed many tears if this happened.

Try her, if she's guilty, can't risk her turning inmates in other cells, so she has to be put in solitary -- which is arguably worse than death.

There are no right answers. If she comes back, as the law states she should if she's a citizen, her life will be hell. There is no going back to the days before she joined ISIS.


Yeah, she's a traitor....Plain and Simple!


NO, most definitely not, has anyone considered that the whole idea behind it may be a ruse since I.S.I.S. is reportedly now on its arse what better way to ensure, for its supporters that is, a chance of a revival than to secrete supporters such as her into an welcoming and forgiving Western Society?


Ethical questions here on this issue, but for starters was she born here? If so they can weave all around her being a diplomat's daughter all they want. Born in America grants you citizenship. The next thing coming up is "was she turned?" Most likely from what we see on her background. If they allow her back in she will likely be watched closely from now on.


Sure, let her come back. Does her son have dual citizenship? If so, what is the other country? I think she could become an intelligence officer's dream, she really needs a friend in this country. She might be a treasure trove of information and when we are thru with her let her stand trial for treason. I double she'll get much leverage out of the "I didn't know the gun was loaded" defense.


We must not be callous to the torture she likely experienced but her initial decision to defect is the damning one.


I take it the USA has an ISIS bride as well?
In a nutshell. If she is an American citizen, she must be allowed back in. That is because of a number of factors, including the law, the Constitution, treaties and international agreements. Then what intelligence can be gained from the questioning that she would be put through.
It may not fell right, but the 'good guys' have to obey the laws.

Maybe she wanted to go back to the USA after realising there is no god



No....she made her bed with she has to lie in it.


Prior military here. I try to respect human life as much as possible these days. I believe letting her back in requires her be tried for treason. I believe if I was her I'd seek refuge status locally being we still are unsure of her citizenship last I saw.

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