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Those Brits have some odd "practices":

bigpawbullets 9 Feb 27

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This is where the advert comes from []


Ah Viz.. Font of all knowledge


MARCH 15, JUST SAY NO until WE get control of our bodies!


A very clever skit on old time newspaper and magazine adverts. ....
Love it!


Where on earth did you find this ad? I have never seen it before.....ha ha.....tomorrow is a month too early for April Fools Day!

Its Viz

@OwlInASack Two sons!

@OwlInASack fat slags and Lester the molester....yep

@OwlInASack yep watched it...dreadful. Mat Lucas is his mate

@OwlInASack Same here

@Amisja Johnny Fartpants.. "Get yer Sunday lunch out of that one aye Vicar"


You know its a joke yeah?


@bigpawbullets Its from a satirical adult comic called Viz [] (warning its very very nawty)

@Bierbasstard Enjoy


at least it's not a fork.

How deflating would that be? 🙂

@Surfpirate very tine-y

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